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AFSC 2011 Highlights

AFSC 2011 Highlights

AFSC 2011 Highlights cover

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This report provides examples of the work your generous support has made possible this year. As you read it, we are confident that the progress shown will fuel your optimism and determination. Thank you for being part of our community!


Listening to Young Leaders

At AFSC we know that the youth of this country and around the world are often the inspiration for social movements and the catalysts of change. With fearlessness and boundless energy, participants in our programs for teens and young adults share with us their vision for the world they want to inherit and also offer their creative ideas for how to achieve it.

Watch videos from youth in AFSC Programs


Addressing Unseen Wounds of War

AFSC has partnered with people in the Horn of Africa for decades. Today, in the wake of a devastating drought, we’re providing humanitarian aid to the most vulnerable, including mothers, the elderly, orphans caring for siblings, and the disabled or mentally impaired. And we’re conducting trauma healing workshops to address the horrors of prolonged conflict. Among the most moving stories are those of the Somali girls and young women who have been raped as a tool of war and for whom the healing process provides hope for a new beginning.

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Using Art to Educate

AFSC’s Windows and Mirrors exhibit has offered much more than a chance to see art works done by 40 artists, and Afghan school children. As the exhibit has traveled the nation, our staff has used the occasion to host community discussions and events, including forums on war and militarism and speakers on a variety of social justice topics. In some locations, artists work with local elementary and middle school children to create a mural for their own community.

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Righting the Wrongs of Injustice

For at least 60 years, the American Friends Service Committee has worked with immigrants and prisoners in this nation, highlighting the often cruel treatment they face. Sadly, the US has the highest incarceration rate of any country in the world—with an especially destructive impact in communities of color. In 2011, the private for-profit prison industry advocated for increasing detentions of immigrants and building new prisons in many states. AFSC’s research has shown that private prisons have little accountability and poor safety conditions. We oppose profiting from human misery, and have worked to improve prison conditions and reduce the number of people detained.

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Nov 30, 2011