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10th Anniversary Report Card

10th Anniversary Report Card

10 Anniversary Report Card on the War in Afghanistan

Photo: AFSC

On October 7th a Report Card On Ten Years Of The U.S. War In Afghanistan was issued in Kansas City.  It evaluates the performance and progress in the longest war in U.S. history and the impact the war has had on the Afghan people, U.S. troops and the U.S. economy.

 The report card grades were delivered to the Kansas City office of Senator Roy Blunt at 911 Main Street, Suite 2224, Kansas City, MO.

 Grades were given in areas of: Civics and Social Skills (examining our nations demonstration and fostering of honest and responsible democratic processes and the use of resources); Health (evaluating the wellbeing and care of U.S. troops), History (determining the degree to which the U.S. has learned from Afghan history and our years there) and Math (calculating the outcomes obtained from the application of limited resources).

Readers are encouraged to express their demand for an end to the war, the return home of all U.S. troops and contractors, reinvesting war dollars in job creation and healing the damage we have done in Afghanistan.

Created Date: 
Oct 10, 2011