01 Morodok provides buffalo to poor familes
02 Vets vaccinate a buffalo in Botum Sakor
03 Vets provide medicines for animal health
04 Vets vaccinate poultry in Botum Sakor
05 Savings groups organize their accounts in Sre Ambel
06 Revolving funds support sea food processing groups in Stung Hav...
07 and corn production groups
08 Revolving funds support rattan furniture making...
09 ...and vegetable growers in Sre Ambel
10  Poor families including this 77 year-old also receives special support from Morodok
11  Villagers build a ring well in Tropeang Rung, Morodok's newest target area
12 Digging wells is not easy!
13 A completed well in Tropeang Rung commune
14 Villagers participate in a forum on fisheries conflicts in Stung Hav
15 Villagers elect a committee to manage a community-protected environment area
16 A villager casts her vote for the community-protected area committee
17 Local children learn about Morodok's work at this Open Day
18 Students learn about protecting the environment through mangrove planting
19 The Khmer New Year Open Day included a quiz for kids
20 Local officials learn about the transition of AFSC's program to become a local NGO named 'Morodok'

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In 2011, AFSC's Integrated Sustainable Livelihoods Program in Cambodia transformed into a local NGO called 'Morodok'.