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Myanmar (Burma)

AFSC’s support for Myanmar’s monastic schools touches the lives of children, parents, teachers, communities and spiritual leaders.

These community schools, run by teachers, monks and abbots, share the responsibility of giving the most underprivileged children an education that builds self-reliance, life skills, and critical thinking. Boys and girls attending monastic schools learn literacy, math, sciences and ethics.

Through the work of local partners, AFSC supports teacher-training programs which gives teachers, monks, nuns, and abbots in monastic schools an opportunity to learn child-centered methods and approaches. Teachers say creating activity-based lesson plans have engaged students to ask questions. Teachers and students also practice self-awareness, helping them interact with more compassion and mutual respect.

Monastic schools have played an important role in Myanmar’s education system for centuries, and rely heavily on donations for operations. Specialized trainings have also engaged monks and abbots in learning about organizational and financial management, giving them effective skills to run schools. 


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