Toward Peace and Justice

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Toward Peace and Justice: August 2012

Dear Friend,

Peace is not a destination; it is a way of living, a way of treating every other person, community, and nation with dignity and respect. In our work for peace, the American Friends Service Committee fosters compassionate truth-telling, healing, and reconciliation across the sharp edges of conflict. We bring people together across geography, race, ethnicity, religion, and class using many tools—the arts, interfaith dialogue, nonviolent activism, and advocacy. And we work tirelessly for the just economic and social conditions that make peace possible.

Toward Peace and Justice, July 2012: Standing with Immigrant Communities Across the U.S.

Dear Friend,

Respect for human rights is essential for a peaceful society. We each have a duty to ensure that every one of our neighbors is treated with dignity and respect. The American Friends Service Committee has  been standing with immigrants and their families since 1924, when we responded to anti-immigrant laws of that era that sought to exclude immigrants from Asia, Mexico, and Southern Europe.

Toward Peace and Justice - May 2012

Dear Friend,

I am Mark Graham, AFSC’s Director of Communications. While our General Secretary Shan Cretin is traveling to visit AFSC’s programs in Asia, I have the privilege of updating you on our work for peace. 

Toward Peace and Justice: Tax Day 2012

Dear Friends,

Tomorrow is the last day to file your federal taxes for 2012. For Tax Day this year, AFSC is working hard to make clear how the choices in our federal budget affect communities across the U.S. Like you, AFSC wants:

Toward Peace and Justice: March 2012

Building Foundations for Lasting Peace


Dear Friend,

At AFSC we believe that lasting peace is built on a foundation of respect for the diverse cultures and experiences that enrich our global family. We tap all kinds of resources—physical and spiritual—to share personal stories, create digital connections, and honor the creativity with which people everywhere work to transform the scourge of violence in their communities and their countries.

Toward Peace and Justice: The Coming Budget Debate

Dear Friend,

Monday, February 13, President Obama is expected to release his proposed federal budget, kicking off the annual discussion of how the US spends money. As you know, last year’s process was short on solutions and long on partisan, misleading, often ugly, debate. Unfortunately, we believe this year likely will be worse.

Toward Peace & Justice, December 2011: Highlights from 2011

Dear Friends,

At this time each year we reflect on the work we did during the past twelve months, and report to our supporters on the progress made by the amazing people our staff work with all around the world each day. Please take a minute to read our 2011 Highlights and see how important the work of the American Friends Service Committee has been in so many people’s lives.

Toward Peace & Justice, November 2011: The Cost of Economic Injustice

Dear Friends,

We live in a world of stark contrasts. 

Toward Peace and Justice: October 2011, Moving past 10 years of war

Dear Friends,

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the war in Afghanistan, the longest war in US history.

Most Americans are just beginning to grasp the devastating effects of this war—not only on the people of Afghanistan who will be grappling with the consequences for years to come—but on those we sent to fight, on our economy, and on our social and educational services here at home.

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