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Rally for New Hampshire

Thursday, March 31, 2011 - 12:00pm

The NH House will vote March 31 on a proposed budget that slashes essential services, removes essential elements of the social safety net, and strips rights from public sector workers.  This rally will call on the State Senate to scrap the House budget and start over.  

More information on message, parking, and program is available at

Shelter is a Matter of Life and Death

“Shelters are a matter of life and death for homeless people in New Hampshire,” Maggie Fogarty told the NH House Finance Committee today at a hearing full of heart-wrenching stories about the devastating effects of budget cuts being contemplated by the state legislature.

For hours on end New Hampshire residents provided testimony to the Committee about the need for services for people with mental illness and physical disabilities, and also called for adequate funding for other services vital to a dignified life.

State and Federal Housing Cuts Threaten Increased Homelessness for NH Families

With proposed cuts to critical housing programs coming from both the Federal and State levels, housing advocates are warning that New Hampshire may see significant increases in homelessness and find itself without enough resources to provide basic shelter.

In addition to some cuts included in Obama’s proposed FY 2012 budget, the US House of Representatives is considering drastic cuts to housing programs for funding the remainder of FY 11. The federal budget has been running at 2010 funding levels via a Continuing Resolution that is due to expire March 4th. 

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