Somalia Peace Program - Capacity Building

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In Somalia, U.S. counterterrorism laws are counterproductive

Electrical training

Young men ages 14 to 26 took part in an electrical installation training in Israac Village.

Young men and women coming of age now in Somalia have never known a time without civil war. Take a look at how some are ending the cycle of violence—and what the U.S. can do to support, instead of hinder, their efforts.

In & Around the UN An Update from the Quaker United Nations Office, June 2012

Newsletter of the Quaker United nations Office in New York

Mohamed's Story - Promoting Peace in Somalia


Youth in Galkayo are the most affected in the situation of war, anarchy and poverty which made us vulnerable to manipulation to engage in armed conflict with cash inducements and promises of a better future...

Promoting peace in Somalia

AFSC has enabled people to come together and gain skills to strive for peace with one another. In one project, the Galkayo Community Peace Promotion, AFSC works in partnership with the Puntland Minority Women Development Organization (PMWDO). This is in the north eastern part of the greater Somalia, a placed called Puntland.

We [were] able to identify some of the creative ways through which youth can be mobilized and catalyzed to renew their commitment towards the promotion of peace

Peacebuilding in Somalia: an alternative to violence

Celestin Nkundabemera is the Program Director of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) in Somalia, assisting the country's peace-building efforts. The organization's work in Somalia touches on many key concepts: development, human rights, community safety, conflict prevention and mediation, to name a few. In real life it has meant going to communities ravaged by 20 years of war and rebuilding their capacity for peace.

Witnessing the reality behind the reports - Visit to Africa

The AFSC-Africa program was excited to host Arlene Kelly, Clerk of the Board of AFSC for 10 days. Her visit included time with the AFSC staff and partners in five countries and community members in areas where AFSC works. 

Somalia - Youth

Youth Capacity Building on Alternative Violence 

Alternative to Violence Program (AVP) training was facilitated by AVP Trust, Kenya between March and July 2009.  36 participants attended basic training, 26 attended advanced course, 18 participants attended facilitators training.

The 18 who graduated as facilitators have co- facilitated additional 6 basic training in a team of experienced facilitators as apprentices. These additional basic trainings were held in locations inside the refugee camp in Daadab and those not within the camp in Bura and Garissa.

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