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Remembering Dekha Ibrahim Abdi

July 14, 2011

It is with profound sorrow that we share the news of the death of a beloved friend and colleague, Dekha Ibrahim Abdi, internationally known and honored peace-builder and activist. Dekha died July 14, 2011 from injuries incurred in a vehicle accident that killed her husband at the site last week. They leave behind four children.

Somali Bantu Stories

Mediation – Promoting Peace without Violence

“Mediation is one way of dealing with conflicts non-violently. On the spectrum of force to reconciliation – this is the ultimate goal of our continent. When we use force we suppress conflict, we do not resolve the conflict, in reality we are putting off the conflict for the future. Reconciliation is what we inspire to do. It is our vision; it is a mechanism for avoiding future conflicts.” These were words from John Katunga, a presenter during the Mediation DEP, and also a native from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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