Shan Cretin

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Toward Peace and Justice: Tax Day 2012

Dear Friends,

Tomorrow is the last day to file your federal taxes for 2012. For Tax Day this year, AFSC is working hard to make clear how the choices in our federal budget affect communities across the U.S. Like you, AFSC wants:

Toward Peace and Justice: March 2012

Building Foundations for Lasting Peace


Dear Friend,

At AFSC we believe that lasting peace is built on a foundation of respect for the diverse cultures and experiences that enrich our global family. We tap all kinds of resources—physical and spiritual—to share personal stories, create digital connections, and honor the creativity with which people everywhere work to transform the scourge of violence in their communities and their countries.

AFSC's Program Update November 2011

This is a recording of the American Friends Service Committee’s Monthly Program Update call from November 10, 2011 with General Secretary Shan Cretin and Great Lakes Regional Director Michael McConnell, who is based out of Chicago.

They discussed AFSC’s work for Economic Justice, including discussion of the ‘Human Cost’ of war banners and the ‘Windows and Mirrors mural exhibit. They also covered AFSC involvement with ‘Occupy Together’ and resources such as ‘Move the Money Toolkit’ and the ‘If I Had a Trillion Dollars’ youth film contest and festival.

Message from Shan Cretin, October 2011

Dear Friend,

Recently, I had the privilege of visiting AFSC’s pro-grams in the Middle East and Africa. I returned hopeful and inspired that peace is truly possible, even in places emerging from decades of brutal civil war, military occupation, and violent political struggles.

I met young people determined to claim their right to a peaceful future in Gaza and the West Bank. I witnessed deep commitment to healing the wounds of past violence among returning refugees, ex-combatants, and long-time residents of a Peace Village in Burundi.

AFSC's Program Update October 2011

This is a recording of the American Friends Service Committee monthly donor call and program update from October 13, 2011 with General Secretary Shan Cretin and New Hampshire Program Coordinator Arnie Alpert. They discussed AFSC's work for Economic Justice, the federal budget, the cost of 10 years of war, and the growing protest movement around the US.

Learn more about the monthly program update.

A Different Way to Mark Veterans Day

While the U.S. marked Veterans Day, the AFSC’s delegation to this week’s Nobel Peace Laureates Summit observed Armistice Day, the holiday’s original designation, by meeting with Hiroshima’s Mayor, several fellow/sister laureates, and joining other peace advocates in Hiroshima, Japan.

A Message from AFSC General Secretary Shan Cretin (2010)

shan in the cherry street metting house

AFSC's new General Secretary Shan Cretin, talks about our rich history and ongoing work to bring peace and justice to the world.

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