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Candle of solidarity and hope

America in Decline: Paths to 21st Century Security & Prosperity - Joseph Gerson's Watertown UU Sermon

Joseph Gerson was invited to deliver the Sermon at the Watertown Unitarian Church, October 17. His talk touched on tragic similarities between German and U.S. militarism. He explained that many of the sources of the "American Century" caried with them the seeds of U.S. 21st century decline. He reviewed the economic, military, cultural, spiritual, intellectual and political dimensions of U.S. decline and points to Common Security (domestic and international) poliicies that can provide greater security and prosperity in the 21st century.

Dialogue on the Serious Decline of the US Economy

Monday, August 9, 2010 - 7:00pm

Philip E. Wheaton, Episcopal Priest and Latin American Historian, Director of EPICA (Ecumenical Program on Central America  and the Caribbean), and  author, will join Gil Dawes, UM pastor, Missionary to Latin America, Director of Renewing Rural Iowa project of PrairieFire Rural Action, and author, in a dialogue on the "Serious Decline of the US Economy: Corporate Greed, Speculative Betrayal and Banking Deceit."

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