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Raed Jarrar

Raed Jarrar

Eyes Wide Open: Interfaith Reflections

Eyes Wide Open, the American Friends Service Committee's widely-accalimed exhibition on the human cost of the Iraq War, features a pair of boots honoring each U.S. military casualty and a field of shoes to memoralize the Iraqis killed in the conflict.  Eyes Wide Open has toured to over 100 cities across the U.S. and has been visited by hundreds of thousands of people. 

Iraq: Elections, Occupation and the Withdrawal of US Forces

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

(Middle East)

Iraq: Elections, Occupation and the Withdrawal of US Forces

The stakes could not be higher for Iraq than they are right now.

This month marks seven years since the 2003 US-lead invasion and occupation of Iraq. It also marks the second general elections since the beginning of the occupation and six months before the date by which President Obama promised to remove U.S. combat forces.  

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