Private Prisons

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Will State Budget Lead to Privatization of NH Youth Corrections?

Arnie Alpert, Co-Director of the NH Program, published this article in the Concord Monitor on March 26, 2015

The Treatment Industrial Complex

“The Treatment Industrial Complex: How For-Profit Prison Corporations are Undermining Efforts to Treat and Rehabilitate Prisoners for Corporate Gain,” highlights the expansion of the incarceration industry away from warehousing people and into areas that traditionally were focused on treatment and care of individuals in the criminal justice system.

AZ legislator calls for investigation of prison money

On Friday, March 28, 2014, Arizona Rep. John Kavanagh attempted to give the private for-profit prison company GEO Group a cool $900,000 handout in the Arizona state budget on top of the $45 million they already receive in state contracts.

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AZ Central

What border enforcement expansions would mean for private detention centers

From the immigration legislation in Congress currently to existing programs like Operation Streamline, private prison companies are pursuing the expansion of immigrant detention. Learn more about the dangers of these policies and what AFSC is doing to chart a new path.

Recap: Profiteering on prisons [Google Hangout]

No matter how private companies profit on prisons, privatizing incarceration puts the pursuit of profits over the needs of taxpayers, prisoners, and prison employees. 

Profiteering on prisons: Online discussion with AFSC experts

Wednesday, July 17, 2013 - 3:00pm

A Google Hangout on Air

No matter how private companies profit from prisons—detaining immigrants, needlessly expanding capacity, cutting quality—privatizing incarceration puts the pursuit of profits ahead of the needs of taxpayers, prisoners, and prison employees. It’s an impractical and immoral move. Yet many states and the federal government continue to rely on private companies to manage facilities.

World's largest for-profit prison corporation marks 30-year anniversary

prison surveillance

This year, Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), the world's largest for-profit prison corporation, is celebrating its 30th anniversary. CCA pioneered the practice of incarcerating people for money, which has now ballooned into a multi-billion dollar industry.

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