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AFSC Asks Judge for Temporary Restraining Order to Halt Private Prison Contracts

Injunction Filed, Group Asks Judge for Temporary Restraining Order to Halt Private Prison Contracts

Love Knows No Borders, No Walls,

January 29, 2010
Contact: Jordan T. Garcia, 303.919.8798
******PRESS RELEASE******

Love Knows No Borders, No Walls, State the American Friends Service Committee & Colorado Faith Communities
To Call for Just & Humane Immigration Reform And an End to Unjust Detention

Faith and Community Leaders Deliver Immigration Reform Message to Members of Congress

Grand Junction, CO -- February 10, 2010 -- Today, dozens of community leaders from ten mountain communities caravanned to Grand Junction and delivered petitions bearing more than 3000 signatures expressing the urgent need for immigration reform this year.

Vigilia y Foro Comunitario “Brillara una Luz” Hacia la Necesidad de una Reforma Migratoria

Greeley, CO – Sábado, 12 de diciembre, inmigrantes y la comunidad de fe se unirán en una vigilia y foro comunitario para iluminar los 1,095 días de lucha y de esfuerzo que nuestras familias han soportado desde las redadas violentas patrocinadas por el estado en el 12 de Diciembre de 2006. Con el apoyo del Centro Comunitario de Al Frente de Lucha y Family of Christ Presbyterian Church, afirmamos otra vez nuestra unidad y resistencia hacia los continuos ataques en contra de nuestra sobrevivencia como comunidad y como pueblo.

Greeley families to mark third anniversary of Swift raids

Greeley, CO – On Saturday, December 12th, immigrants and the faith community will unite for a vigil and community forum to shine a light on the 1,095 days of struggle and fight that our brave families have endured since the December 12th, 2006 state‐sponsored violent raids. With the support of Al Frente de Lucha Community Center and Family of Christ Presbyterian Church, we will once again come together to affirm our unity and resistance to the continual attacks on our survival as a community, and as a people.

Colorado Supreme Court Affirms Constitutional Protections for All Regardless of Immigration Status

Denver, CO [December 14] – El Comité de los Servicios Americanos y Al Frente deaplauden la decisión del Corte Supremo de Colorado que sostuvo al cuarto Lucha enmienda que protege las personas de búsquedas irrazonables y también a las protecciones hacia la privacidad.


Denver, CO [December 14] – The American Friends Service Committee and Alapplaud the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision to uphold fourth Frente de Lucha amendment search and seizure as well as privacy protections.

Insistirán en una Reforma Migratoria Justa y Humana

Senator Morgan Carroll, AFSC and Colorado Faith Communities to issue a call  for just and humane immigration reform and an end to unjust detention.

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