Spoken Word Performance Flyer

Join us at performance of spoken word creations by youth who particiapted in KC AFSC's If I Could Change the World spoken word project! Download flyer for details!

Village peace through performance

Life in Indonesian villages is traditionally peaceful—hospitality, mutual cooperation, and tolerance among residents were historically the norm in the country’s multicultural communities.

But acts of intolerance and violence in the name of Islam—the country’s majority religion and one that teaches peace and tolerance—are on the rise.

In a defiant response, youth from village mosques in Yogyakarta asked their neighbors to join them during Ramadan for an artistic exploration of the gender issues and multiculturalism that are under attack.

Foreclosure on Bank of America

Friday, November 11, 2011 - 4:00pm

Bank of America is taking people’s homes through illegal and fraudulent foreclosure proceedings. At its core, the mortgage crisis was created by big banks playing fast and loose with our housing- we’re here to take it back and foreclose on the very institutions that would put us out of our homes!  Rally for a moratorium to end all foreclosures.  Bank of America on Green Valley Road.

Invitation to KC Crossroads Galleries & Venues

This is an invitation to Kansas City Crossroads-area businesses and galleries to participate in the October 1 Visions of Peace at the Crossroads festival.

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