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Local peace network handbook

This handbook is a tool to help community leaders implement urban peace-building programs in contested spaces.

Chicago Youth Peace Building and Justice 2013

Darlene and Jesus

Jesus (right), pictured here with Darlene, created a list of scholarships in Illinois that don’t require a Social Security number, which means that undocumented students can apply. He’s considering a law career, but for now he’s getting a wealth of experience in understanding individuals’ interactions with the legal system.

What do you get when you mix art and activism (along with some grout)? "Artivism," that's what. AFSC's Youth Peace Building and Justice Program, directed by Darlene Gramigna, is helping students make beautiful goods and changes in their lives and the life of their community. These photos tell the story.

Grassroots Reconciliation in Burundi

This June, QUNO was pleased to host a visit from Adrien Niyongabo, Coordinator of Healing and Rebuilding our Communities (HROC) in Burundi. HROC emerged from Alternatives to Violence, a conflict resolution program developed by Quakers and prisoners in the United States and Canada. Quakers in Burundi, recognizing the need for reconciliation and healing between Hutu and Tutsi communities, have been conducting three-day HROC workshops to help participants cope with trauma and restore relationships.

In & Around the UN An Update from the Quaker United Nations Office, September 2012


QUNONew York Staff, 2012: (left to right) Sarah, Olivia, Kirsten, Amelia, Andre

QUNO New York Staff, 2012: (left to right) Sarah, Olivia, Kirsten, Amelia, Andrew and Elisabeth.
© Doug Hosstetter

Quarterly newsletter of the Quaker United Nations Office in New York.

  • Letter from the Director
  • Update from QUNO Geneva
  • What Will Replace the Millennium Development Goals?
  • West Africa Reconciliation Conference
  • Grassroots Reconciliation in Burundi
  • QUNO-NY Staff Update

QUNO's 2011 work in Peacebuilding

Peacebuilding policy and practice continues to evolve at the UN, and while support for national ownership and building local capacity are frequently highlighted, UN peacebuilding often takes a top down, rather than a bottom up, approach. QUNO continued to engage with the UN work in Burundi, contributing to discussions on peacebuilding and transitional justice. We worked with Chinese academics to explore the UN’s approach to peacebuilding and peacekeeping, including jointly hosting delegation visits to the African Great Lakes region and to New York.

Revisión de Programas de QUNO, Oficina Cuáquera ante las Naciones Unidas 2011

QUNO 2011 Review Cover

QUNO 2011 Review Cover

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Hemos trabajado incansablemente para llevar a los procesos internacionales los puntos de vista de los cuáqueros, enfocándonos en las áreas de consolidación de la paz, prevención de conflictos armados, derechos humanos y refugiados, y justicia económica global.

Rapport d’activités du Bureau Quaker auprès des Nations Unies, 2011

QUNO 2011 Review Cover

QUNO 2011 Review Cover

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To receive a hardcopy of this report please contact


Nous avons sans cesse déployé nos efforts afin de faire part des points de vue des Quakers dans les processus internationaux, en ciblant notre action
sur les domaines de la consolidation de la paix, de la prévention des conflits armés, des droits humains et des droits des réfugiés, ainsi que de la justice économique mondiale.

New Directions: Exploring Alternatives for a Peaceful Solution in Somalia

A delegation from the Life & Peace Institute, Nairobi, and the Kroc Institute for International Studies at the University of Notre Dame traveled to Washington, DC, and New York in March to present a recent joint publication, Somalia: Creating Space for Fresh Approaches to Peacebuilding. QUNO was delighted to host their visit in New York. Over the course of two days, Quaker House provided a welcoming venue for our visitors to share their publication with UN colleagues and offer fresh perspectives and alternative approaches to conflict resolution in Somalia.

Interview with Joshua Saleem June 2012

Joshua Saleem

AFSC staff Joshua Saleem.

AFSC's Joshua Saleem, center, visits with students involved with AFSC’s Peace Education Program in Los Angeles.

Joshua Saleem began work with AFSC this spring to create a peace education program in St. Louis modeled after similar AFSC work with youth in Los Angeles and elsewhere. In this interview with regional staffer Jon Krieg, Joshua shares what he’s learned, his vision for AFSC’s work in St. Louis, and why he’s involved.

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