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NATO Protesters Committed to NonViolence: AFSC Launches NONVIOLENT RESISTANCE TRAININGS Mural to be dedicated

Saturday, April 7, 2012 - 9:00am - 12:30pm

On Saturday, April 7th, the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) will host a nonviolent resistance training and mural dedication as part of kicking off Chicago Spring ( April 7th will be a citywide day of action in alliance with Occupy Chicago ( and other peace and justice organizations in anticipation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) summit hosted by President Barack Obama in Chicago on May 20‐21, 2012.

Chicago Coordinated Nonviolence Training

A growing number of groups in Chicago are working together to coordinate a series of events and trainings about the power of nonviolence to effect social change  We're hoping these resources will help people all over the world prepare for the NATO Summit being held in Chicago, May 20-21, 2012.

Chicago Prepares for NATO: Un-Spinning the Media Bias

Saturday, April 28, 2012 - 2:00pm - 5:00pm

Description: An exciting afternoon of speakers and discussion will counter the media bias which constantly conflates the word "protest" with "violence."

Eric Reuter will present "A Short and Irreverent History of NATO"
Wade Hannom will discuss "Why is Nonviolence so Threatening"

Meet our NATO/G8 interns!

This spring, AFSC Chicago brought in two new interns to work in collaboration with staff members and local area high school students to help educate, organize and team up with the community of Chicago for the upcoming NATO Summit in May.  They have been working on:

NATO/G8 powerpoint script in Word

Use this script in conjunction with the NATO/G8 powerpoint or the PDF version.

NATO/G8 Resources

chicago protests

NATO and G8 policies have a direct impact upon our communities.

Use these resources to help you educate your community in advance of the NATO and G8 meetings in the United States this May.

Read more about Chicago events and activities here.

NATO/G8 Powerpoint Presentation

This powerpoint will give you an overview of NATO and the G8, why we should care and what can be done.  It runs around 30 minutes.  This presentation has a script embedded, so just run it in presentation mode and you can read the script as you present.  The presentation is password protected from modifications, so open it in READ ONLY mode.

NATO and G8 Summits in the US


Joseph Gerson in Bonn, "International Conference For a Self-Determined Afghanistan"

International Conference For a Self-Determined Afghanistan
Bonn,Germany, December 4, 2011
Joseph Gerson*

I want to thank the conference organizers for the privilege of joining you. It has been ten years since 9-11, when believe it or not, Secretary of War Donald Rumsfeld told President Bush that invadingAfghanistanwould violate international law, and Bush the Lesser responded that he wanted to “kick some ass.”

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