Muhammad Salah

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In Chicago, Muslim man gets his life back from the government

On a warm November day at the Mosque Foundation in Chicago, Muhammad Salah, surrounded by his friends and supporters, presented his wife with a single flower. What might seem the simple act of a loving husband symbolized new freedom for Muhammad and his family.

Up until that day, Muhammad could not buy flowers for his wife or food for his children. All of his assets had been frozen and his basic freedoms severely limited for the 17 years that the United States listed him as a “specially designated terrorist.”

Victory for Free Speech on Behalf of the Disenfranchised

PHILADELPHIA, PA (November 8, 2012) The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) and the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) are celebrating with Muhammad Salah and his family after the U.S. this week removed him from the “Specially Designated Terrorist” list after 17 years of persecution.

Defending our right to advocate

AFSC and the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee are celebrating a victory for free speech on behalf of the disenfranchised, in this case Muhammad Salah, after the U.S. removed him from the “Specially Designated Terrorist” list after 17 years of persecution.

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