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Three for Justice

The following is a March 17, 2010 interview with AFSC St. Louis staff and volunteers at the Death Penalty Moratorium Lobby Day at the State Capitol in Jefferson City, MO. AFSC is one of 400 organizations in Missouri that are working for a two-year halt in executions while a study is done.

Jon Krieg: What brought you to today’s lobby day for a death penalty moratorium?

Moratorium Lobby Day 2010

AFSC staff and volunteers lobby for a death penalty moratorium.

From left: Faheemah Thabit, AFSC St. Louis Program Coordinator; AFSC volunteers Ponchita Argieard and Rita Mauchenheimer

Faheemah Thabit

Faheemah Thabit

Faheemah Thabit

Organizing and lobbying for justice in Missouri

The AFSC St. Louis Office is taking steps towards becoming part of a new group called “Progressive Voices for Abolition,” whose slogan is “Making Racial Justice a Reality.” The mission is to end the death penalty in Missouri. The main objective is to provide alternative written and spoken views about the death penalty and to involve more people of color in the organizing and outreach efforts.

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