Military Recruitment

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Counter recruitment

The Peace Education program aims to limit the influence of military recruiters on middle and high school kids, to help these kids make well reflected career choices, and to provide information on jobs in peacemaking and non-violent ways to financing college. 

JROTC Targets List

Schools targeted by the military for new JROTC units as of Fall, 2005

Data obtained by Peacework Magazine. For information on reasons to oppose JROTC, please see the article in Peacework, including links to many other sources of good information.


En la Sección 9528 del Acto Para Que Ningún Niño se Quede Atrás del 2001 se requiere que las escuelas provean la información privada de nuestras familias a los reclutadores militares al menos de que “optemos fuera” por escrito.

(Section 9528 of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 requires schools to release our family’s private information to military recruiters unless we “opt out” in writing.)


Section 9528 of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 requires schools to release our family’s private information to military recruiters unless we “opt out” in writing.

Before You Enlist and After You Say No

This new training manual contains:

  • Fifty group exercises
  • Eight complete workshops
  • Handouts and support articles

All tools designed with the direct education approach, which uses group exercises that emphasize participants' empowerment and taps their wisdom as much as possible, not a boring lecture-based teaching approach.

For more information about ordering a copy along with the companion DVD, see our publications page (ON SALE for $7.50!).

Students and Recruiting

How Do Students Get Recruited?

In the US, public schools are frequent targets of military advertising, military youth programs, and visits by military recruiters. The No Child Left Behind Act guarantees recruiters the right to private contact information for all secondary school students, so that students may also be contacted at home. Many school administrators and teachers are unaware of, or turn a blind eye to recruiter abuses of their privileges.

School Board Resolution Restricting Military Access

A school board resolution entitled "Draft Resolution Limiting Access of Military Recruiters to Students"

Pittsburgh What's Next

A 28 page PDF covering where to find employment around Pittsburg and how to with military recruiters.

Pittsburgh First Steps

This tri-fold pamphlet features a flow chart and a five step guide to help in making life decisions.

Thinking of Enlisting?

Signing up for the military isn't like taking a job or registering for a camp or school. It is a serious decision that has lifelong consequences. Recruiters are quick to emphasize the good points about being in the military, but there are many downsides. What recruiters say about life in the military at best omits many facts. At worst, recruiters tell out and out lies to sign up recruits.

Do You Know Enough to Enlist?

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