Michael McConnell

Program from memorial service for Michael McConnell

These are items from Michael McConnell's memorial service held April 12, 2013, at Wellington Avenue Church of Christ in Chicago.

AFSC staff and allies share remembrances of Michael McConnell

Former and current staff, committee members, and AFSC allies share their memories of Michael McConnell.

Chicago Tribune obituary for Michael McConnell

By Graydon Megan, Special to the Chicago Tribune

April 17, 2013

The Rev. Michael McConnell was a leader in many fights for social justice, from the sanctuary movement of the 1980s to a hunger strike in Springfield protesting proposed cuts in essential services.

In all those efforts, Rev. McConnell, Midwest regional director of the American Friends Service Committee, was a creative and strategic thinker with a sense of history.

Regional directors reflect on Michael McConnell's life

Keith Harvey, Regional Director of AFSC's Northeast Regional Office, compiled these remembrances of Michael offered by former and current AFSC regional directors.

Shan Cretin's reflections at the memorial for Michael McConnell

AFSC General Secretary Shan Cretin shared these reflections on a life well lived at Michael McConnell's memorial service, April 12, 2013.

Michael McConnell on the Power of One

Screen grab: Michael McConnell speaks in Des Moines

Michael McConnell reminds us of the power each of us has to build peace and justice. Michael was regional director of AFSC's Midwest Region until his death on April 7, 2013, after a courageous dance with cancer.

AFSC's Program Update November 2011

This is a recording of the American Friends Service Committee’s Monthly Program Update call from November 10, 2011 with General Secretary Shan Cretin and Great Lakes Regional Director Michael McConnell, who is based out of Chicago.

They discussed AFSC’s work for Economic Justice, including discussion of the ‘Human Cost’ of war banners and the ‘Windows and Mirrors mural exhibit. They also covered AFSC involvement with ‘Occupy Together’ and resources such as ‘Move the Money Toolkit’ and the ‘If I Had a Trillion Dollars’ youth film contest and festival.

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