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Meeting/Church Liaison Program

Meeting/Church Liaison Program

Acting in Faith podcast: How Quaker meetings/churches can get more involved in the work of AFSC

On October 18, 2012 Lucy Duncan, AFSC’s Friends Liaison, and Madeline Schaefer, Friends Relations Fellow, discussed a new and developing program at AFSC—the Quaker Meeting/Church Liaison Program.

The liaison program supports Quaker congregations’ work for peace and justice, while at the same time working to broaden the impact of AFSC’s programs.

On this call, Lucy and Madeline discussed how the program was developed, the components of the program, and how your meeting/church can get involved.

Ways to engage

Quakers in action.
Photo: AFSC

The Meeting/Church liaison program is designed to meet congregations where they are at--whether big or small, active or inactive, we want to help your congregation work with the AFSC to build the movement for a more justice and equitable world.

Below we have outlined two possible ways to get involved:

Model 1:  Connect your congregation to the work of AFSC through monthly updates and activities.

Model 2:  Identify one issue that resonates with the interests in your community and focus on that issue throughout the year.

Acting in Faith podcast: If I Had a Trillion Dollars: Program call with Erin Polley

Listen to Erin Polley as she speaks with members of the Meeting/Church Liaison program about the 3rd annual, "If I Had a Trillion Dollars" youth film festival, to be held in February, 2013.  You can hear Erin give a full program description, followed by a question and answer period with Quakers interested in bringing the festival and its curriculum to their local meetings.


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