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Landslide win in Massachusetts for human needs budget

On Tuesday, Massachusetts voters overwhelmingly approved a ballot question initiated by AFSC in coalition with dozens of other groups: the Budget for All. 

The Budget for All calls for the prevention of cuts to social programs; investment in jobs that strengthen the U.S. economy; an end to corporate tax loopholes and the Bush tax cuts for high incomes; and reduction of military spending. 

We are encouraged, proud, and re-energized by this show of popular support for a change in federal budget priorities!

Stop "Secure Communities" in Massachusetts

Monday, February 14, 2011 - 11:00am - 1:00pm


As part of our Just Communities/Comunidades Justas campaign Centro Presente invites you to a Public Event to deliver more than a thousand postcards URGING the Patrick administration to not enter Massachusetts into the "Secure Communities" Program.

Where: Grand Staircase, Massachusetts State House

Scheduled Speakers:

Andres Del Castillo- Student Immigrant Movement

Damaris López- Director of Programs, Agencia ALPHA

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