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Sample Letter to the Editor - Korea Tensions

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To the editor,

The first step to solving a problem is often to stop making it worse (indeed, the first rule of holes is when you find yourself in a hole, stop digging). This certainly applies to the current situation on the Korean Peninsula.

The Time for Peace and Disarmament

In 2011 global military spending amounted to $1.74 trillion – despite the fact that 1 billion people suffer from hunger, even more do not have access to safe water or adequate health care and education, and even in developed economies millions are without work. Join us in calling on our government and others to agree on a global plan for disarmament at the Rio Summit in June 2012.

Immigration: Write for a Change!

Tired of hearing the media mis-characterize the immigration debate?  Do you feel that immigrants' rights issues aren't being recognized in your local media?  AFSC's NC Immigrant Rights program is launching a new campaign to reach out to the media in support of progressive immigration reform.  Write for a Change is a campaign to write letters to the editors of local newspapers.  The campaign has a website that can help you draft a letter, look at letters others have written, and find out where

Worrall on the Arizona Law

[Michael Worrall is a member of Coloradoans for Immigrant Rights Letter to the Editor Ladder. (CFIR is a project of AFSC in Colorado.) His recent Letter to The Editor was published in the Denver Post!  Want to see YOUR name in Print? To join our Letter Writing Ladder, just email Jordan Garcia at jgarcia@afsc.org or call 303.623.3464!]


Immigration Letter to the Denver Post

Hannah Ewert-Krocker’s Letter to The Editor was published in the Denver Post! Click here to support her letter online! http://blogs.denverpost.com/eletters/2010/05/16/the-need-for-immigration-reform-in-the-u-s-3-letters/#comments (scroll down to “Add a new comment”)

Join letter writing ladder in Colorado

Support the human rights of immigrants and advocate for just and humane immigration reform—join the Denver Letter Writing Ladder.

Coloradoans for Immigrants Rights (CFIR) is a project of the American Friends Service Committee. We’re ramping up our efforts to get published as local and national immigrant rights groups work with the Obama Administration to pass just and humane immigration reform.

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