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Katrina X: New Orleans a decade after the storm

By Tabitha Mustafa, Peace by Piece Program Associate, New Orleans

August 29, 2015 marked the ten year anniversary of the infamous Hurricane Katrina. In actuality, the Hurricane itself caused very little damage to the city of New Orleans and surrounding areas. However, the levee breach that occurred hours after the storm and the onslaught of privatization that followed, devastated the city and its people.

Effort underway to re-open Circle Food Store

New Orleans Peace Building & Economic Justice Project  

 Effort underway to re-open Circle Food Store

Fresh bell peppers, Eater candy and school uniforms are synonymous with the iconic and now shuttered Circle Food Store which sits at the corner of N. Claiborne and St. Bernard Avenues. For 87 years the Circle store has served as one stop shopping experience for the 7th Ward neighborhood.  It was also the only Black owned grocery in New Orleans.

Peace and Economic Justice Issues in New Orleans

New Orleans Peace Building & Economic Justice Project


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New Orleans, LA

NOLA program photo

Young people pose in front of AFSC banner

Staff and interns posing during Saturdays at Sampson Park in the Ninth Ward, New Orleans.

The New Orleans Peace Building and Conflict Transformation Program works closely with young people in New Orleans to promote peace using peer-to-peer learning strategies, arts and activism.  Using experiential and interactive trainings, young people share strategies to address violence and create positive change throughout neighborhoods in New Orleans.  The program focuses on the arts as an alternative means of self-expression and healing. 

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