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New Orleans, 10 years later: Support PxP

For the past 10 years since Hurricanes Katrina and Rita devastated the Gulf Coast, the American Friends Service Committee has been working in New Orleans to aid in the recovery of the city and its residents. While city and state officials boast about the success of rebuilding efforts, many New Orleanians have yet to see their lives restored in the wake of the post-recovery era. Many young adult activists, who were children when the disaster occurred, are now coming to terms with the policies that have led to an unjust displacement and replacement of the city’s residents.

Katrina X

Saturday, August 29, 2015 - 6:00pm

Katrina X

Katrina X Film Screening and Panel Discussion 

PxP New Orleans is hosting the US premiere of our short documentary Katrina X about Hurricane Katrina and the effects of disaster capitalism on the city of New Orlean

Katrina X: New Orleans a decade after the storm

In mathematics, the letter x often represents an unidentified variable, the unknown. In Roman numerals, x represents the number ten. In New Orleans, many remember it as the symbol first responders marked on the front of one’s home during Hurricane Katrina to signify how many were found dead or alive.

Effort underway to re-open Circle Food Store

New Orleans Peace Building & Economic Justice Project  

 Effort underway to re-open Circle Food Store

Fresh bell peppers, Eater candy and school uniforms are synonymous with the iconic and now shuttered Circle Food Store which sits at the corner of N. Claiborne and St. Bernard Avenues. For 87 years the Circle store has served as one stop shopping experience for the 7th Ward neighborhood.  It was also the only Black owned grocery in New Orleans.

Peace and Economic Justice Issues in New Orleans

New Orleans Peace Building & Economic Justice Project


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New Orleans, LA

New Orleans Peace is Power parade

New Orleans Peace is Power Parade

The annual New Orleans Peace is Power Parade (2015). 

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Peace by Piece is a youth program that builds peace one young person at a time. It engages, employs, and empowers young people to be peace leaders in their schools and communities. The program facilitates the use of artistic expression to demonstrate alternatives to violence. The program is coordinated by AFSC's New Orleans office and works closely with youth and young adults to promote peace using peer-to-peer learning strategies, arts, and organizing. 

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