Juvenile Justice

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Seattle People's Tribunal on the U.S. Juvenile Justice System

Saturday, March 28, 2015 - 9:30am - 6:00pm

The People's Tribunal on the U.S. Juvenile Justice System is a youth-of-color led intergenerational, multiracial, and anti-racist response to a history of racism and crimes against humanity by the U.S. "justice" system. It is being organized by EPIC (Ending the Prison Industrial Complex), a project of AFSC's Seattle Community Justice Program. 

King County voters approved it, but activists still search for alternatives to new youth detention

Activists, policy-makers, youth, and mental health professionals speak out against the construction of a new youth jail in King County.

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Real Change News

AFSC gives testimony on solitary confinement at U.S. Judiciary hearing

AFSC speaks out against solitary confinement in front of the United States Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Human Rights.


Speaking truth to power

Storm Coleman in WV

Storm Coleman testifies in front of West Virginia’s Select Committee on Children and Families.

To people who criticize welfare and disability recipients in West Virginia, 16-year-old Storm Coleman suggests a visualization exercise: “Picture yourself in my mom’s shoes.”

“Imagine that you’re overweight, or you’re in pain all day, you can’t walk around, and you have three kids to provide for, and no job will hire you either because you’re disabled or ’cause you’re overqualified—’cause my mom is really smart.”

King County sees drop in juvenile defendants but not as much for youth of color

King County Juvenile Detention Center

King County Juvenile Detention Center

King County Juvenile Detention Center

Fewer kids are being referred to King County courts each year ­– and most of these disappearing defendants are white.

Last year 2,298 white juveniles were referred to the courts compared to 5,107 in 2002. That’s a 55 percent decrease. Black youth saw a 21 percent drop in referrals over the same period.

An analysis of the juvenile prosecutions shows that black kids are more likely to be referred to the courts, more likely to be formally charged, less likely to have their cases diverted, and more likely to be sentenced to secure detention or tried as adults.

Editorial: If youth are the future, why does King County want to lock so many of us up?

King County Juvenile Detention Center

King County Juvenile Detention Center

King County Juvenile Detention Center

Valentina Gonzales-Marth wrote this piece as a guest writer for Real Change News.

Logan Youth Leaders Speak to Senate Committee

Youth leaders from Logan, WV addressed the Senate Select Committee on Child Poverty on July 23, 2013.  Scroll to the 31:35 mark to see Kristiana Drummer (11th grade) talk about juvenile justice reform, Jimetta Early (12th grade) talk about early childhood development, and Ciara Campbell (12th grade) talk about the need for sex education classes in order to prevent teen pregnancy.  After they spoke, Senator Unger and Senator Stollings praised them for their leadership.  

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