Israeli Refuser

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Israeli conscientious objectors strive to lead normal life

Demonstration in solidarity with Israeli refuser Nathan Blanc

Demonstration in solidarity with Israeli refuser

May 2013. Demonstration in solidarity with Israeli refuser Nathan Blanc, opposite of Israeli Ministry of Defence, Tel Aviv.

At 20 years old, Nathan Blanc of Haifa, Israel, has already served 10 prison terms, totaling 177 days to date, for refusing to serve in the Israeli Defense Forces. He believes that human rights violations are practiced against Palestinians on a daily basis in the occupied Palestinian territory. 

Omar Saad - letter of refusal

October 2012


Mr. Prime Minister of Israel
Mr. Defense Minister of Israel

I am Omar Zahr-edeen Mohammad Sa’ad from Maghar village-Galilee.

I received a summons to present myself at the recruitment offices on October 31, 2012 so as to go through the regular tests needed for the army service, compulsory for the Druze community. I wish, however, to make the following statement:

I refuse to go through those tests because I completely oppose the compulsory army service for my people from the Druze community.

Why I refuse: On God/love, nonviolence and the occupation

Moriel Rothman

Moriel Rothman, Israeli refuser

Moriel Rothman, 23, Israeli refuser

Moriel Rothman is an American-Israeli writer and activist. He is based in Jerusalem and is active with the Solidarity Movement. This letter explains why he is refusing to serve in the Israeli military.

Congressional Briefing: Israelis and Palestinians Demand Peace in Gaza

by Tim Sallinger

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Concerned citizens and Congressional staffers convened on Capitol Hill March 8 to hear the riveting stories of two people with deep ties to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Laila El-Haddad, a Palestinian from Gaza, lives in Maryland with her children and husband, a Palestinian refugee denied the right to return to his homeland. Her parents currently live in Gaza.

Congressional Briefing: How US Policy Impacts Us

Participants at the Congressional Hearings

Laila El-Haddad, Helena Cobban and Elik Elhanan at the Congressional Briefing.

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