Israeli occupation

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Breaking down barriers: An interview with youth activist Sophia Deibes

Sophia Deibes is the newest member of AFSC’s Palestine Youth Together for Change (PYTC) project. The 20-year old from Zababdeh village in the West Bank is a media and journalism student at Bir Zeit University in Ramallah. Her convictions about the need to bring Palestinians together across geographic and political boundaries are challenging to many of her peers, but that doesn’t stop her from sharing her views.

Israeli conscientious objectors strive to lead normal life

Demonstration in solidarity with Israeli refuser Nathan Blanc

Demonstration in solidarity with Israeli refuser

May 2013. Demonstration in solidarity with Israeli refuser Nathan Blanc, opposite of Israeli Ministry of Defence, Tel Aviv.

At 20 years old, Nathan Blanc of Haifa, Israel, has already served 10 prison terms, totaling 177 days to date, for refusing to serve in the Israeli Defense Forces. He believes that human rights violations are practiced against Palestinians on a daily basis in the occupied Palestinian territory. 

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