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In Iowa, Palestinians Focus on Palestine

By Kathleen McQuilllen, AFSC Iowa Program Coordinator

An anthropology class at Central College in Iowa recently hosted an AFSC-supported panel discussion to learn what they could about one area of the world they had recently been studying: Palestine. Three Palestinians living in Iowa participated on the panel and were eager to shed some light on Palestinian history, culture, strengths and hopes for the future.

Principles for a just and lasting peace between Palestinians and Israelis

AFSC has worked with Palestinians, Israelis, and the international community to achieve a just and lasting peace since 1948, and we remain committed to supporting nonviolent activism toward this end. This document summarizes the principles that guide our work in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory.

Pursuing Accountability with Israel with Cindy and Craig Corrie

Monday, December 5, 2011 - 7:00pm

Cindy and Craig Corrie are the parents of human rights activist and observer Rachel Corrie. On March 16, 2003, Rachel was killed by an Israeli military Caterpillar D9R bulldozer in the Gaza Strip as she tried to prevent the demolition of a Palestinian family’s home. Motivated by their daughter's work and example, the Corries have dedicated themselves to the pursuit of justice and peace in the Middle East and have made numerous visits to the region, spending time in Israel, the West Bank, Gaza, Egypt, and Turkey.

Iowa Conference on US Policy in Palestine-Israel: The Discourse is Changing

By Kathleen McQuillen, AFSC Iowa Program Coordinator

A recent opinion piece in the Washington Post calls for the US to consider cutting military aid to Israel; Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian National Authority, takes a bid for Palestinian statehood to the UN;  and 35 organizations in Iowa join AFSC in sponsoring a conference to change US policy.

Iowans Commit to Changing U.S. Policy toward Palestine-Israel

Olive oil on popcorn, anyone?

Palestine’s olive trees may seem a long way from the cornfields surrounding Ankeny, Iowa. But on a recent crisp fall weekend, a major conference organized by  AFSC’s Iowa staff and focusing on US policy in the Middle East brought the two lands closer together in spirit.

Middle East Peace Resources Lists

The Middle East Peace Education Program of AFSC Pacific Mountain Region offers three resource lists -- (1) Information and Education, (2) Human  Rights and Social Justice [on legal size paper], and (3) Peace and Nonviolence -- to increase US peace activists' awareness of and contact with peace and social justice movements in Palestine/Israel.  Thanks to Metta Center for Nonviolence Mentee Program ( for providing Adam Barrett to compile these, summer 2011. 

MEP news and info sources

resource list of recommended Israeli and Palestinian news and information sources

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