Iraqi Refugees

Eight Bags, Thirteen Days

An Iraqi Family Finds its Way to Des Moines

An estimated four million people have been displaced because of the U.S.-led war in Iraq. This is a short story about five of them now living in Des Moines.

 Aseel Saaeed, Ashraf Rashad and their two children were Sunni Muslims living in a predominately Shiite neighborhood of Baghdad. The U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003 and subsequent sectarian violence resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths, and eventually Ashraf’s life was threatened.

Iraqi family in Des Moines June 2010

Iraqi family in Des Moines

An Iraqi refugee family visits AFSC's offices in Des Moines. From left: Aseel Saaeed, Jody Mashek of AFSC, Anas, Ales held by Ashraf Rashad, and Asal (in front).

Voice for Justice presents Rethink Iraq

Flyer for a Rockhurst University forum organized by an AFSC peace intern

Flyer for a Rockhurst University forum organized by an AFSC peace intern

Stories from AFSC’s work in Kansas City - Jan 2010

Looking for a new way – in lots of ways

By Ira Harritt,

AFSC Kansas City Program Coordinator

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