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Lighting the way to inclusion in Indonesia

Aceh lighting of peace torch

Aceh lighting of peace torch

A representative of Indonesia’s Ministry for Social Affairs lights the Peace Torch in Aceh.

A social movement committed to diversity is bearing the Peace Torch throughout Indonesia, bringing an emotional message to areas touched by religious and ethnic violence and threatened by intolerance.

Artists, youth, women, LGBT celebrate diversity in Indonesia

The last day of the annual Malioboro Apeman Cultural Festival in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, was especially colorful, as approximately 200 community groups and organizations from diverse backgrounds participated in the cultural parade of the festival organized annually by COMA, the Malioboro Street Youth Community.

New video: AFSC NC intern shares her journey to acceptance as a Muslim young woman


Putri Pamela Powell works on developing her narrative in a digital storytelling training in the AFSC Area Office of the Carolinas

Putri Pamela Powell is one of the Youth Cultural Media Project interns in AFSC's Greensboro, North Carolina office. Watch the digital story she created reflecting on her journey from Indonesia and her understanding of herself as a Muslim young woman.  

Putri's Story

Putri Pamela Powell is one of the Youth Cultural Media Project interns in AFSC's Greensboro, N.C., office.

Watch the meaningful short digital story she created reflecting on her journey from Indonesia and her understanding of herself as a Muslim young woman.

Village peace through performance

Life in Indonesian villages is traditionally peaceful—hospitality, mutual cooperation, and tolerance among residents were historically the norm in the country’s multicultural communities.

But acts of intolerance and violence in the name of Islam—the country’s majority religion and one that teaches peace and tolerance—are on the rise.

In a defiant response, youth from village mosques in Yogyakarta asked their neighbors to join them during Ramadan for an artistic exploration of the gender issues and multiculturalism that are under attack.

AFSC's Work Bridging Cultural Divides in Indonesia

Monday, July 2, 2012 - 7:00pm

Jiway Dragon Dance

Jiway does the dragon dance

Jiway Tung participates in a traditional Indonesian dragon dance.

Jiway Tung, AFSC's Country Representative in Indonesia, will visit Dover to describe efforts to bridge the country's cultural divides.  "In Indonesia, our identity as peacebuilders shapes our relationship with governments and with partner agencies," he says.  "That identity informs where we work and what we work on. AFSC’s program in Indonesia began during inter-religious violence in the late 1990s.

An Evening with Jiway Tung

Flyer for July 2, 2012 event in Dover NH

AFSC in Indonesia; An Evening with Jiway Tung

Monday, June 11, 2012 - 9:30am

Celebrating Diversity in Yogyakarta

Indonesians rally for pluralism

Indonesians call for "unity in diversity."

Jiway Tung, director of AFSC's program in Indonesia, will describe efforts to strengthen peaceful inter-cultural ties at a time of when conflict among Indonesia's religious and ethnic groups poses challenges to the country's "unity in diversity" motto.  He will emphasize the "Peace Torch" project, which involves youth from varied backgrounds in different parts of Indonesia.   Free and open to the public.  Sponsored by AFSC.

Archipelago Cultural Festival: Relighting Indonesia's Youth Pledge

Peace Torch

peace torch

Youth from different faiths, together lift the peace torch and wish for peace in Archipelago.

Hundreds of people gathered recently in the Tegal Terban field of, Yogyakarta, Indonesia to watch the Archipelago Cultural Festival. It featured numerous cultural performances by students and groups from all over Indonesia, and culminated in a commemoration of the Youth Pledge Day celebrating unity and nationalism.

The youth group Archipelago Rainbow Circle, Terban village residents and Jorje TV Station collaborated to produce the festival.

Guyub Kampung Kethoprak improve harmony through art

After waiting patiently for hours, hundreds of local residents – youth, children and elderly – packed the town hall of Mantrijeron  to watch the Javanese traditional drama from Kethoprak.

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