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"Sycophants and Cheerleaders: When Compromise Becomes Complicity"

By Gabriel Camacho

At the writing of this commentary, the Senate is on the verge of approving a final
“deal.” AFSC staff have been attentive to news reports and chatter from inside the
DC Beltway. What is clear is that the final Senate product will be much worse than
anticipated, especially for southern border communities, and immigrant workers. No
amount of positive amendments can improve the bill at this point. However the bill’s
provisions are not the focus of this week’s commentary.

Deported without warning: How the loss of a father in Newark is affecting a community (PODCAST)

In the middle of May 2013, Kofi (whose name was changed for this story) was detained and deported to his home country in Africa. The family he left behind—including a girlfriend and two childrenare struggling with his absence, unsure of their future or his fate. Listen to the story of this family, and hear how the AFSC community in Newark is speaking out against his deportation and others that tear apart families.


Newark, African immigrants with signs

Newark immigration demonstration

Two participants in AFSC's Newark May 1st rally for humane immigration reform.

AFSC joins "Mega Moral Monday" protest at NC General Assembly

moral monday 4

AFSC staff, interns and members of New Garden Friends Meeting travel to the NC state capitol to protest regressive policies

On June 3rd, AFSC-NC organized fourteen staff, interns and members of the New Garden Friends Meeting to travel to Raleigh to  join 1,600 others to rally outside the North Carolina Legislature. The rally was the fifth “Moral Monday” organized by the North Carolina NAACP, to protest the regressive agenda being pushed through by the radically conservative legislature that cuts access to public education, health care, other social programs, and restricts voting rights. 

“For our country, let us toil joyfully:” supporting Haitians in becoming citizens in Florida

My husband is British. I remember sitting in what was then the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) office soon after our wedding waiting to be interviewed so that he could get his green card. It was October, 2001 and there were very few people in the waiting room. Our immigration lawyer said that since 9/11 many of his clients had been showing up for their interviews and getting arrested, so many had stopped coming.


Haitian student in AFSC citizenship class

Haitian student in AFSC citizenship class

Haitian student in AFSC citizenship class

Witness to A Family’s Tragedy

This morning, May 17, we received this message from Elissa Steglich—a staff member of AFSC’s Immigrant Rights Program—about a client who is being detained and set to be deported by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement).


Newark, 5-1-2013

Newark immigration rally

Immigration rally in Newark on May 1, 2013.

Law journal article on counsel and guardian for detained immigrants with mental illness

AFSC Detention Attorney Amelia Wilson and AFSC volunteer attorney Natalie Prokop recently published an article in the University of Pennsylvania Journal of Law & Social Change on the issue of representing detained immigrants suffering from mental illness. Their article, “Applying Method To The Madness: The Right To Court Appointed Guardians Ad Litem And Counsel For The Mentally Ill In Immigration Proceedings,” examines the unique obstacles these individuals face in obtaining counsel and assisting in their own defense.

Pittsburgh May Day march for immigration rights

Friday, April 26, 2013 - 3:55pm - Wednesday, May 1, 2013 - 5:00pm

Rally, march, and celebration of resistance

People will rally at Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers hall and at 6 p.m. will march for immigration rights to the IBEW Local 5 Hall where there will be food, music, and dance from the many cultural and ethnic traditions that built Pittsburgh. 

On Sacred Ground: Encountering God's transforming power at an immigrant rights march

Note: This post, a reflection on the immigrant rights march in Boston in 2010, was originally published in 2011 in The Crier, the newsletter of the NEYM Racial, Social, and Economic Justice Committee.


Boston Immigrants Rights March 2010

Boston immigrants rights march, 2010

Boston Immigrants Rights March 2010

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