Indonesian immigrants learn about rights; community learns about Indonesian immigrants

MADBURY, NEW HAMPSHIRE --- A celebration of Indonesian Independence Day at the Madbury Town Hall on August 13 included an opportunity for members of the region’s Indonesian community to learn about their rights and also enabled members of the wider community to learn how it came to pass that the Dover, New Hampshire area became home to more than a thousand Indonesian immigrants.  

Young Organizers Connect in CA Central Valley

José Chavez, Minerva Mendoza, and Juan Santiago are all energetic young leaders, dedicated to working for immigration justice and widening horizons for their families and neighbors. When they were chosen to inaugurate a new, year-long apprenticeship program developed by AFSC's Pan Valley Institute (PVI) in Fresno, CA, they already had the experience and contacts that are an organizer's basic tools. It was exactly this experience that prepared them to learn and grow in the program, and to directly apply what they were learning in their own communities.

Clergy Immigration Witness Network Launch and Breakfast

Thursday, September 22, 2011 - 8:00am

Jennifer Piper and clergy 8-1-11

Jennifer Piper and clergy 8-1-11

At right, Jennifer Piper, AFSC Colorado Interfaith Organzing Director, visits with clergy Anne Dunlap at the August 1, 2011 vigil outside the GEO immigrant detention center in Aurora, Colorado.

“Through witness, presence & prayer, demonstrate to immigrants they are not alone while demonstrating to the larger community our faiths’ commitment to justice.”

 Breakfast Burritos will be provided by El Centro Humanitario’s Women’s Project

RSVP by September 9 to:

Jennifer Piper at 303-623-3464 ext. 5 or

How-to Manual for Digital Storytelling with Immigrants and Refugees!!

Just released: How-to Manual for Digital Storytelling with Immigrants and Refugees!!

AFSC’s Area Office of the Carolinas has just completed a how-to manual for a model of our Storyology class: digital storytelling by immigrants and refugees. 

In October 2010, NC Immigrant Rights Program Director Lori Fernald Khamala and AFSC Youth Arts Fellow Kali Ferguson developed and organized a class in Charlotte, North Carolina for local immigrants to learn how to tell their stories using 21st Century technology.

Private prison in Colorado detains immigrants

photo by Alicia Morales

AFSC vigil at immigrant the GEO detention center in Aurora, Colo.

Saying "No" to the stepped up deportations and detentions

Vigil outside of GEO detention center

Vigil outside of GEO detention center

Vigil outside of GEO detention center. View the slideshow.

AFSC and partners in CO say “No” to the Obama administration’s stepped-up detentions and deportations, which have surpassed 1 million, and say “Yes” to united communicates and families.

Springfield MA council says no to anti-immigrant program

The city council of Springfield MA has unanimously voted to opt-out of participating in a federal anti-immigrant program that has been denounced by the immigrant rights movement and resisted strongly by governors - including Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick -  other elected officials and law-enforcement representatives nationwide.

The council’s rejection of Secure Communities, the controversial federal program, came after intense efforts by a coalition formed by AFSC’s Western MA office. The resolution makes Springfield the largest city in New England to do so.

Empowering Immigrant Families in Colorado

By Jennifer Piper, AFSC Colorado Interfaith Organizing Director

Over a year ago I brought together a core group of 10 people to think about how to start a visitation and family support and empowerment program. Those ten people formed a group called Colorado AID. AFSC staff are key members of this group, continue to steer it and have dedicated a phone extension to the group’s hotline.

Intern From Haiti Gets a Chance to Give Back

An immigrant herself, Djenie Danjoint is an AFSC intern working on immigrants’ rights. Her mother allowed her to leave her native Haiti in a burst of hope for better opportunities for her daughter. Having to adjust to a new country and culture has influenced Djenie’s project choice. She works with immigrant communities in Charlotte creating 2-3 minute movies that tell individual stories. “I helped to write the stories and figured out what audiences needed to know [about the immigrant experience].”

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