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In this opinion article, the writers say the fundamental American value that people must be paid for their labor is not being extended to day laborers in Newark. Day laborers are all too often robbed of their wages, taking a serious toll on not just these workers and their families, but on all workers and law-abiding employers in New Jersey.

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AFSC works nationwide to support immigrants in Arizona

Since the passage of Arizona's, the anti-immigration law, AFSC has organized events across the country in response.

As the law went into effect last week, we organized 11 events in seven locations from Massachusetts to Oregon. We have over two dozen media hits, including NPR, Univision’s national coverage, local tv and cable news stations in San Diego, Boston and Providence and talk radio in Philadelphia and New York.

Reflections on "Papers: Stories of Undocumented Youth"

By Jon Krieg

Adolescence is hard enough under the best of circumstances. Peer pressure, family conflicts, acne – these and other stimuli make high school graduation a joy for most of us.

But for undocumented students, the final two years of high school can be especially bittersweet. Although the U.S. Supreme Court guarantees access to K-12 public education for all children, regardless of immigration status, education and work prospects for undocumented youth after high school are very often limited. Even getting a driver’s license is out of the question.

Death at U.S.-Mexico Border Prompts Calls for Change

AFSC staff have expressed their sorrow about the death of Anastasio Hernandez Rojas, an immigrant who died after being tasered by a U.S. Customs and Border Protection agent during Memorial Day weekend. A father of five children who were born in the United States, Hernandez was recently deported to Mexico after living in the U.S. for many years.

AFSC, along with immigrant community partners, have long called for a demilitarization of the Mexico-U.S. border and new policies that protect the rights and dignity of all, including immigrants.

Flora on immigration

Speaking out against Obama’s call for 1200 troops to the border and $500 million new funding. Watch the video.

NY Gov aids legal immigrants

New York Gov. Paterson's move to pardon legal immigrants applauded

Quaker Group says More Pardons Should Slow Deportation of Legal Immigrants

Sandra Sanchez of AFSC presenting "Immigration 101" in Spanish

Sandra Sanchez of AFSC presenting "Immigration 101" in Spanish

Sandra Sanchez, AFSC IVP Director, leads monthly workshops for first-time offenders who are Spanish-speaking immigrants. Click here to read more about it. Part of her presentation covers immigration basics in Spanish. Above is part one; below are links to the final three parts of her presentation:

Helping immigrants know their rights

Jon Krieg is a Senior Administrative Associate for AFSC’s Central
Region. For more information on AFSC’s work in Iowa, including a
video of Sandra’s immigration workshop in Spanish, please visit the
Immigrants Voice Project page at

Letter asking President Obama to stop DHS enforcement during U.S. Census

A letter to President Obama and Secretary for the Department of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano requesting that all DHS activities targeting immigrants be suspended for the duration of the census.

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