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Foro informativo sobre la Accion Diferida

Thursday, June 28, 2012 - 3:00pm

Sandra Sanchez following Arizona law ruling 6-25-12

Sandra Sanchez following Arizona law ruling 6-25-12

Sandra Sanchez, AFSC Iowa Immigrants Voice Program Director, speaks at a rally following the U.S. Supreme Court's decision regarding SB 1070, Arizona's anti-immigrant law. For a set of photos from the rally, click here.

Entendamos qué significa la Acción Diferida

para los soñadores (“Dreamers”) 

Acompáñenos al foro informativo el

Sandra Sanchez on Deferred Action for DREAMers

Deferred Action for DREAMers, as announced by the Department of Homeland Security on June 15, is explained by Sandra Sanchez during her weekly show at radio La Reina.

“Many parents and Dreamers had questions that hopefully this show will answer,” said Sandra during the show.

The show is in Spanish.

Arizona Ruling Prompts Iowa Rally for Immigrant Rights

A broad coalition of Iowa groups and individuals rallied at the State Capitol following the U.S. Supreme Court's mixed ruling regarding Arizona's anti-immigrant law SB 1070. Ben Stone, Executive Director of the ACLU in Iowa, said it was an "important day for human rights in this country" and that the one standing provision -- "Show me your papers" -- should be rejected if it's ever introduced in Iowa.

Iowans to Respond to Ruling on Arizona Immigration Law

Monday, June 25, 2012 - 3:00pm

 A coalition of Iowa groups in support of fair and reasonable immigration laws will hold a press conference TODAY on the west Capitol steps to address the U.S. Supreme Court ruling handed down this morning on S.B. 1070 in Arizona v. US.

US to Defer Deportations of Dreamers

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security announced on June 15, 2012 that undocumented immigrant youth who meet certain requirements will no longer face the threat of deportation. You can read the DHS release here in English and here in Spanish.

Big Smiles Warm AFSC

“High fashion” is not a common sight in the Des Moines office of AFSC. On a recent afternoon, however, Eugene Kiruhura walked into our lobby sporting a smile as sparkling as his snappy attire.

Former First Lady of Mexico Calls for Immigration Reform in Des Moines Talk

By Sandra Sanchez
AFSC Iowa Immigrants Voice Program Director

Mexican Consulate in Des Moines

Saturday, March 24, 2012 - 8:00am

Mobile Consulate in  DES MOINES, IA

on March 24th, 2012

10 facts you need to know about immigrant women

Immigrant women contribute more than you realize and face dangers you may be unaware of.

Angela Maria Kelley and Philip E. Wolgin present the good news and the troubling dangers faced by immigrant women in our nation. Read more from the Center for American Progress at:

Young Latinas explore the legislative process in Iowa

From bored to energized and hopeful, young Latinas in Iowa recently changed their view about the legislative process and their potential to create change. Aided by Sandra Sanchez, AFSC Iowa Immigrants Voice Program Director, this group of girls, called the Mariposas, identified issues important to them, such as the Iowa version of the federal DREAM Act. Sandra explains more in this five-minute interview with Jon Krieg of AFSC's Central Regional Office in Des Moines.

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