Immigrant Rights

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10 facts you need to know about immigrant women

Immigrant women contribute more than you realize and face dangers you may be unaware of.

Angela Maria Kelley and Philip E. Wolgin present the good news and the troubling dangers faced by immigrant women in our nation. Read more from the Center for American Progress at:

Citizen Privilege and Ally Basics

A two-page primer on citizenship privilege and immigrant ally basics from Coloradoans for Immigrant Rights, a project of AFSC Colorado.

Immigration enforcement goes rogue in Colorado

ICE Steps Up Presence at the Aurora, Colorado Jail, Requests Summons Data; Surge in Detention and Deportation Expected

Community and faith groups demand an end to ICE’s rogue tactics


Love Knows No Borders, No Walls -- ICE Detention Center Vigil

Monday, February 6, 2012 - 6:00pm

Jordan Garcia and immigrant detention

Jordan Garcia and immigrant detention

At left, Jordan Garcia, AFSC Colorado Immigrant Ally Organizing Director, and Gerardo act out a flowchart depicting the connections between various aspects of immigrant detention. They do so at a meeting of Coloradoans for Immigrant Rights (CFIR), a project of AFSC.

Bring a love poem or love letter for Justice to share OR a valentine for someone interned!  If YOU know someone being detained at the Aurora Immigrant Detention Facility, please send us their name and a message to and we’ll make them a personal Valentine from you!  Please contact Jordan Garcia (

Prayer Circle Offers Support to Immigrant Youth

By Jennifer Piper, AFSC Colorado Interfaith Organizing Director

The Obstacle Course to Citizenship: The Immigrant Journey

Tuesday, February 7, 2012 - 12:00pm

Presented by Lori Chesser

Lori Chesser is a Senior Shareholder with the Davis Brown Law Firm, and chair of its Immigration Department. As chair of the Iowa Immigration Education Coalition, she is committed to providing factual information and education regarding immigration law and policies for community members, the press and political leaders.  She is a frequent speaker and contributor on this topic both locally and nationally.

6th Annual Historic Thousands on Jones St (HKonJ6)

Saturday, February 11, 2012 - 9:30am - 12:30pm

Join THOUSANDS who will be Marching for Justice.


Forward Together Not One Step Back:
We must stand for Freedom and defend Democracy
We will not be deafeated or divided
We shall pursue Liberty and Justice for all
We the People shall not be moved


If you believe, you need to MARCH WITH US, STAND WITH US and ORGANIZE WITH US!

Begin Assembling at Shaw University at 9:30. March begins at 10:30.

Immigration and The Holy Innocents

Blog post from
By Lori Chesser, American Immigration Lawyers Association Media Committee

Reflections on Flawed Drug and Immigration Policies

By Gabriela Flora, AFSC Regional Project Voice Organizer

The criminalization of immigrants continues to reach new heights and enforcement programs expand and justify themselves in the mainstream by saying they are going after “criminals.” Members of Coloradoans for Immigrant Rights, a project of AFSC, have been having some intense discussion on challenging this view that it is ok to target and deport people labeled as “criminals.”

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