Immigrant Rights

Charlotte Immigrant Solidarity Committee Meeting

Thursday, November 18, 2010 - 6:00pm - 8:00pm

The goal of the Immigrant Solidarity Committee works to build solidarity between immigrants and non immigrant allies to change hostile attitudes toward immigrants and work together towards welcoming communities.

Miembros de la Comunidad apoyan a la Gente y no al Dinero, Dignidad no al Detención

 por Jennifer Piper

1 de Noviembre, 2010- Personas de fe y activistas pro-inmigrante se juntaron enfrente del centro de detención de GEO para exigir un fin a las cárceles y los centros de detención privados después del reportaje de investigación de NPR que conto como las industrias de cárceles privados presionan a favor de legislación estatal que asegura mas encarcelación de ciudadanos e inmigrantes y más ganancias para las industria.

Coloradoans Call for Dignity, Not Detention

Close to a Hundred Community members turn out in support of People not Profits, Dignity not Detention

By Jennifer Piper, AFSC Colorado Interfaith Organizing Director for Immigrant Rights

Prophets to Say No to Profit from Suffering

Monday, November 1, 2010 - 6:00pm

AFSC organizes People of Faith to say “ICE stop giving our tax money to corporations which profit from suffering”

WHAT:     Testimony from Mario, an immigrant worker and United Church of Christ member. Ritual and Altar to honor Day of the Dead and All Saints Day. Prayer led by Pastor Anne Dunlap of Liberation Community. Song, Candles, Flowers.

Plainfield Plainfied immigrants, police, prosecutor's office come together

Approximately 100 people attended a public meeting with the Union County Prosecutor's Office and the Plainfield Police Division last weekend to strengthen relationships and create understanding among immigrants regarding their rights and responsibilities as city residents, officials announced Friday.

Immigrant Rights Program, Newark NJ

Jocelyn family

Joceyln and her family

Joceyln (bottom row, middle), her father, and five siblings in front of their home in New Jersey.

At the Immigrant Rights Program (IRP) in Newark, N.J., our goal is to achieve policies that respect the rights and dignity of all immigrants, including a fair and humane national immigration policy.

The Immigrant Rights Program’s successful integration of legal services, advocacy and organizing has made a dramatic difference in the lives of immigrants in New Jersey and beyond by ensuring that immigrant voices are heard in policy debates, by assisting immigrants with challenging immigration cases, and by changing the narrative about immigration issues to influence policy.

The Durham (NC) Herald Sun: Forum talks of immigrants' deportation fear

DURHAM - Immigrants come to the U.S. to work, and current immigration policy is tearing families apart, speakers said at a forum Thursday night at First Presbyterian Church. "Immigrant Neighbors Behind Bars" was also sponsored by Iglesia Emanuel Presbyteriana and the American Friends Service Committee.

The Fast Way to Solidarity

By Jennifer Piper, AFSC Colorado Interfaith Organizing Director

Immigrant Rights Organizing Conference in Newark, NJ

Saturday, December 18, 2010 - 9:00am - 4:30pm

A day-long  conference on International Migrants Day for immigrant rights organizers to share and learn...

-Tools and resources such as popular education for community organizing;

-Immigration and police collaborations and how to challenge them;

-Detention and deportation;

-Effective messaging and speaking;

-Youth organizing;

-Who is doing immigrant rights organizing work in New Jersey?

 And much more . . .

In the Shadow of the Raid

Sunday, October 17, 2010 - 4:00pm

This documentary explores the impact on Postville, Iowa and on the home villages of some of the workers arrested in the 2008 raid at a meatpacking plant. It is filmed partly in Postville and partly in Guatemala, interviewing the workers themselves and taking us to meet their families and to understand what drove them to the US for a better life. It also shows the impact on businesses and the community  in general in Postville.

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