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Adopt a policy maker and let them know why immigrants deserve humane immigration reform.

Immigrant ally resources for Quaker meetings and churches

Jordan Garcia - How to be an Effective Ally

Jordan Garcia - How to Be an Effective Ally

Jordan Garcia - How to Be an Effective Ally

AFSC is asking meetings/churches to partner with us on supporting our program work around immigrant justice. One way to support the immigrants rights movement is to to learn how your meeting can be an affective ally to immigrants in your area.

Listen to Lucy Duncan on the origins of the immigrant ally program focus area (1:03).

What Quaker Meetings can do to support the movement for Immigrant Justice!

A selection of ideas for Quaker meetings/churches on supporting immigrants in your community.

Jordan Garcia on Life and Activism

Jordan Garcia, Immigrant Ally Organizing Director with AFSC in Colorado, recently talked about his life and work with Jon Krieg of AFSC’s Central Regional Office. Below is an excerpt. See further below for the link to the full interview.

Jon Krieg: You mentioned earlier your work on behalf of transgendered people. Can you speak about your own experience and how that might impact your perspective and thoughts on working as an ally for immigrants?

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