Pastors for Peace Caravan - Providence

Thursday, July 7, 2011 - 12:00pm - 1:00pm

Pastors for Peace Caravan

pastors for peace buses

The colorful buses carrying humanitarian aid for the Cuban people

By traveling to Cuba with humanitarian aid without a U.S. government license, Pastors for Peace challenges the U.S. economic blockade against Cuba as well as the blockade on the minds of the American People about the achievements of the Cuban people and the Cuban Revolution.  This is the 22nd annual caravan.  Multiples buses leave the northern US and make their way to Mexico. 

Visit with people taking part in the caravan and celebrate the legacy of Pastors for Peace founder, the Rev. Lucius Walker, with music, food, speakers, discussion and literature. 

Nargis Cyclone orphans get a new lease on life

Today, 80 Nargis orphans are gathered at a monastery for their monthly get-together.  The children are learning to play a game called “Chickens and Eagles”.  Young volunteers divide the children into groups of three and tell them to pretend to be “chickens”.  Each time they hear, “Eagles are coming,” the little “chicks” quickly run into the arms of their "parents".  Those who do not run back in time will be caught by the “eagles”.

FHRP Newsletter for July

The Friends Humantirian Response Program has published its e-newsletter for July!  Our newsletter covers FHRP's recent and upcoming activities, highlights the important work of volunteers, and keeps you in the loop with news about FHRP's mission of humanitarian aid.

In this issue:

Cyclone Nargis orphans

Orphans, who lost their parents to Cyclone Nargis, enjoy a game of "chickens and eagles".

Nargis Cyclone relief

AFSC distributed aid through faith-based groups in Myanmar (Burma) after Cyclone Nargis .


AFSC and student volunteers make kits at the Red Cross.

AFSC and the Red Cross

On June 21, 2010 volunteers from the American Friends Service Committee participated in the American Red Cross Disaster Preparedness week. AFSC volunteers spoke with middle school students about disaster preparedness and had an opportunity to share the work of AFSC.  The students packed nearly 150 kits which will be given out to different shelters in High Point.

We have photos of the events on Facebook.

What we need to make kits


Making kits for distribution to Haiti.  Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, 2010.

Because the need in the community varies by season and circumstance, our needs also change.  Contact Ann Lennon at for more updated information for what our current needs are.  As of late July, 2010 our greatest need is now for hygiene kits. 

Humanitarian Aid: Friends Humanitarian Response Program in High Point


Making kits for distribution to Haiti.  Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, 2010.

The High Point office of the American Friends Service Committee runs the Friends Humanitarian Response Program (FHRP, formerly EMAP), which provides material assistance to those in need.  Much of our support comes from local Friends Meetings that provide us with the material we distribute.  We have some resources available for those who wish to knit or sew supplies for distribution.

U.S. Must Respond to Humanitarian Crisis in Somalia

Aid Agencies Appeal to President Obama:

Mon, 20 April 2009

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