How to Talk About Immigration

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"Welcome to Shelbyville" @ monthly film series

Monday, September 12, 2011 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm

The story of a community grappling with rapidly changing demographics is the theme of "Welcome to Shelbyville," a documentary about a small town in Tennessee.  A short distance from the 19th century birthplace of the KKK, longime African American and white residents overcome fear and prejudice to get to know members of a growing Latino population and hundreds of Muslim Somali refugees who now make Shelbyville their home.   Free and everyone welcome.  The "Builidng a Culture of Peace Film Series" is sponsored by Pace e Bene Nonviolence Service, AFSC, the Concord UU Church

Time to Ask Tough Questions on Immigration

In November The Fresno Bee ran a series on immigration that seemed to reinforce anti-immigrant sentiments. Myrna Martinez Nateras wrote this piece in Spanish and translated it into English with the hope that they would publish it, but they did not. Thanks to the existence of “ethnic media” the op-ed has now been published in several ethnic media outlets.

The Complete Home for the Holidays Survival Handbook

What to do when immigration comes up over family dinner?

Developed by Coloradoans for Immigrant Rights, an AFSC project, this handbook offers practical advice for how to talk about immigration with family, friends and others.

For more information, contact Jordan Garcia, AFSC Colorado Immigrant Ally Organizing Director, at

Un Nuevo Camino

Los Siete Principios Centrales

Para un nuevo camino hacia una política migratoria humanitaria

Hacer justicia por medio de una política económica humanitaria

Las políticas económicas internacionales, incluyendo a los acuerdos de comercio deben de respetar los derechos humanos, promover el comercio con justicia e impulsar el desarrollo económico sustentable que respete el medio ambiente

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