We are the Future

WE are the Future

By: Lori F. Khamala, AFSC NC Immigrant Rights Program Director 

Hundreds Converge in Greensboro: a community facing a foreclosure crisis!

 by Victor Lopez, Intern - AFSC Office of the Carolinas 

GREENSBORO, NC - March 14--Drum beats and chanting filled the air as dozens of protesters marched from Washington Street to their final destination at The Carolina Theater, in Greensboro, NC on March 14, 2012.

There they converged with an eager crowd of supporters to celebrate the premier of a locally produced short film, “Let’s Lose Our House:  A Modern Foreclosure Tale.”

Call to Action in Greensboro: A foreclosure story told on March 14

Get Involved, Tomorrow in Greensboro: A Modern Day Foreclosure Tale

For Immediate Release


Marnie Thompson
Fund for Democratic Communities
620 S Elm St, Suite 355
Greensboro NC 27406

International Day Of Peace Events

During the International Day of Peace on September 21, AFSC participated in events around the world to support the calls of many communities seeking peace.

Dalian, China

AFSC’s Joseph Gerson and Jason Tower spoke at the Northeast Asia Peace and Development Forum in Dalian. They were joined by Johan Galtung – a founder of the field of peace studies – and Song DaeSung of the Korean Sejong Institute.

Peace Day in Greensboro

For AFSC’s Area Office of the Carolinas, this year’s Peace Day was much more than a one-day ceasefire. Peace, for us, rather than an absence of violence, is about building community through cultural sharing, celebrating diversity, and developing personal relationships based on respect and trust.

In Greensboro, our Day of Peace was a two-day tour of the city for a visiting delegation from AFSC-Indonesia. We used their visit to highlight aspects of Greensboro’s culture and activism.

Mother Son Mural

Windows and Mirrors Panel

Mother and Child mural developed by Guilford College students.

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