Gaza Hearings

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gaza hearing testimony

Citizen Hearings on the impact of U.S. Weapons used on civilians in Gaza, during Israel's operation Cast Lead. Image courtesy of Nader Khouri Photography.

Gaza on the Ground: A Young Witness Speaks

Palestinian high school student in Gaza describes the fear and loss she suffered during the Israeli incursion.


Other Videos from the Gaza Hearings

Nonviolent Response to the Gaza Incursion

 AFSC staff member describes his experience during the Israeli incursion into Gaza and his reasons for choosing a nonviolent response.


Other Videos from the Gaza Hearings

An Israeli Military Resister Speaks Her Truth

A young Israeli woman explains why she refuses to serve in the Israeli military.


Other Videos from the Gaza Hearings

In memory of my brother: a Palestinian memorial for the victims of Gaza

Palestinian youth describes the murder of his brothers by the Israeli military during the Gaza incursion


Other Videos from the Gaza Hearings

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