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The Trillion Dollar Question-Students from The Village of Arts and Humanities

IHTD videos

Today's IHTD Video contest feature:  students from The Village of Arts and Humanities
See the other entries at:  http://www.youtube.com/user/IHTDVideos

If I Had a Trillion Dollars — AFSC Portland

IHTD videos

Today's IHTD Video contest feature:  a piece by the youth working with the AFSC Portland Truth in Recruitment program.
See the other entries at:  http://www.youtube.com/user/IHTDVideos

Our Education. America's Hope.

IHTD videos

Today's IHTD Video contest feature:  "Our Education. America's Hope" is a short video directed by Donald Ung calling out to everyone to spread the word that the trillions of dollars used for the Iraq and Afganistan war could instead be used to fund America's future, which is our education. Filming students, a teacher, and a supervisor of a student treatment center, this video aims to empower viewers to be informed, to act, to realize that we are strong as long as we don't give up hope.

See the other entries at:  http://www.youtube.com/user/IHTDVideos

Charleston Gazette:Thousands of West Virginians face benefits cutoff


Nearly 11,000 West Virginia workers will lose their unemployment benefits before Christmas unless Congress passes legislation to extend them.

Nationally, more than 2 million Americans could lose unemployment benefits, which began to run out on Wednesday, this month.

IHTD Chicago

IHTD videos

Video submission for the "If I Had a Trillion Dollars" youth video contest. This was done by an undergraduate student student from Columbia College and two graduate students from University of Chicago and discusses what the money that Chicagoan's have paid in taxes for the war could have been spent on instead of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Charleston WV Gazette Op-Ed: Helping unemployed helps everyone

When Carte Goodwin was appointed to temporarily fill the seat held by the late Sen. Byrd, he had the good fortune of being able to cast a vote right away that made a real difference for millions of Americans.

West Virginia's newest senator, Joe Manchin, might have a similar chance in the lame duck session of Congress. Rick Wilson explains.

Deficit Talking Points

Use these talking points when talking with your Senators or representatives about the Federal Budget and Deficit reduction.

Charleston (WV) Gazette op-ed: Rick Wilson: W.Va. made smart changes on unemployment

The AFSC"s Rick Wilson writes:

We're used to hearing bad economic statistics about West Virginia and bad comparisons to other states, but when it comes to unemployment insurance, we're actually ahead of the pack.

By Sept. 2010, 32 states had to borrow money from the federal government to the tune of almost $40 billion when their unemployment insurance systems went bust. West Virginia is one of the few, and the only one among surrounding states, to avoid that fate so far.

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