Federal Budget

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Visit this page to find the most recent documents we've produced to help you create effective and compelling media strategies to help us end the wars, cut the military budget and fund human needs.

Federal Budget Banner Files for your event

If you are interested in using this stunning visual that shows that the federal discretionary budget uses 60% for the military for your tax day, military budget or federal budget priorities event -- use this link to download a 15 foot x 3.5 foot version that you can take to your local sign shop and have reproduced in vinyl.  This file is available until April 15, 2011:15 foot version. (267 MB)

Social Security Not a Cause of Fed. Deficit

Including Social Security in the federal deficit discussion is purely political, Nancy Altman told a theatre-full of people in Concord March 21, at an event organized by the Association of Retired Americans with support from the AFSC, Nashua Teachers Union, AFT-NH Retirees, EngAGING NH, Granite State Organizing Project, NH AFL-CIO, NASW-NH, NH Council on Disabilities, Working Families Win, NH Citizens Alliance, and SEA/SEIU 1984.  According to Altman, there is no financial basis for talking about it in connection with the deficit.

Federal Budget from the Ground Up

A Commentary by Arnie Alpert

President Obama’s budget proposal, released today, will touch off Washington-centric squabbles over proper levels of federal spending and taxing.  Snooze-inducing terms like “continuing resolutions,”  “discretionary spending,” and “entitlement spending” will dominate political debates all the way through the presidential caucus/primary season to the 2012 election.

State and Federal Housing Cuts Threaten Increased Homelessness for NH Families

With proposed cuts to critical housing programs coming from both the Federal and State levels, housing advocates are warning that New Hampshire may see significant increases in homelessness and find itself without enough resources to provide basic shelter.

In addition to some cuts included in Obama’s proposed FY 2012 budget, the US House of Representatives is considering drastic cuts to housing programs for funding the remainder of FY 11. The federal budget has been running at 2010 funding levels via a Continuing Resolution that is due to expire March 4th. 

Pentagon's stealth spending spree: Philadelphia Inquirer

In this opinion article, AFSC's Robin Aura Kanegis points out that in this season of federal budget debates "the Pentagon has apparently developed the ultimate cloaking mechanism - one that protects the military's budget bloat from mathematical reality. The military budget accounts for more than half of federal discretionary spending, as well as nearly half of all military spending worldwide. But despite this lopsided investment, increased military appropriations are set to glide past Congress' so-called budget hawks like a Stealth Bomber."

Opinion: This Budget Cutting Math Doesn’t Add Up

By Robin Aura Kanegis

It’s simple math: A military budget that has doubled in twelve years + worries about the resulting deficit = deep cuts to military spending. 

Video Vanguards - If I Had a Trillion Dollars...

IHTD videos

IHTD Video contest feature:
War spending from the Video Vanguards "What would you do for your community if you had a trillion dollars?"

See the other entries on YouTube.

$1 Trillion, A Brighter Future

IHTD videos

IHTD Video contest feature: This is a video made by 7th and 8th grade students at E. P. Harney Spirit of Excellence Academy in New Orleans, LA. They wanted to show how the money the the US Government has spent on the war could be used to help the people of their own city.

See the other entries on YouTube

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