Federal Budget Priorities

A Call to Move the Money

Dear Community Leader,

Let’s face it. The U.S. economy is in bad shape.

Too many members of our community are suffering while Congress is debating ideological issues that are beside the point. Federal and State government budget cutting is creating more unemployment, providing less help for people hit by job loss or illness and making the economic recession worse.

Budget Priorities Letter to Congress

Letter sent to Senators and Congresspersons calling for funding of: jobs; education; healthcare; and housing and nighborhoods; and cuts to: war and the military; corporate welfare; and tax cuts for the rich.

U.S. Federal Budget As an Instrument for the Common Good

Monday, June 20, 2011 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Have you ever wondered how or if our Federal Budget could be a tool to move our nation to a prosperous, peaceful and just future?

Forum panelists will identify ways the budget can be used to redirect our resources away from war and destruction to improved quality of life, investment in job creation and correcting the increasing disparity of income and wealth.

May issue of Street Spirit now on-line

Available now on a sidewalk near you, and on this website as downloadable PDF: Michelle Diehl and Terry Messman on Berkeley merchants' "sit-lie" ordinance and protests to defeat it.  Carol Harvey on an empty building takeover last month in San Francisco.  Brian Woodson, West Virginia AFSC staffer Rick Wilson, Judy Andreas, Lynda Carson, and Jack Bragen on pressures on the poor in the economic recession.  Mary Meriam reviews poet Julia Vinograd's collection, When Even the Sky Hurts.  And more ...

May 2011 Street Spirit

May 2011 issue of Street Spirit

New Priorities Campaign

AFSC staff Sandra Schwartz's article on tax day and other actions to: (1) end the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq; (2) legislate major reductions in the Pentagon budget; and (3) make investments in jobs, infrastructure, new technologies, education, healthcare, and environmental protection.  The New Priorities Campaign coalition meets monthly -- sign their petition and take it to your friends, co-workers, and community groups now.  www.newprioritiescampaign.org

New Priorities article April2011

Sandra Schwartz's article in April 2011 Street Spirit

2011 Tax Day

AFSC staff, volunteers, and partners marched, chanted and made signs to mark Tax Day.  From Los Angeles to Boston, Indianapolis to Pittsburgh, dozens gathered, and garnered much positive reaction from onlookers.

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