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Don Bustos farming family land

Don Bustos farming his family's 300 year old land.

North Korea farmer

North Korea farmer kneeling in field of grain.

Making the Desert Bloom

"Beautiful cultural traditions surround farming,"says Sayrah Namaste, a staff member at AFSC-New Mexico. "At one of the farms, Azteca dancers bless the fields with their feet and their voices. The acequias are filled with flower petals once a year, a ritual passed down for generations to bless the source of life."

DPRK Agricultural Program

AFSC Country Rep WuNa visiting experimental rice fields at Ku-up co-op farm.

AFSC Country Representative WuNa  visiting experimental rice fields at Ku-up cooperative farm.

Albuquerque, NM

Since 1976, AFSC New Mexico has identified with the struggles of local people to empower themselves, with particular attention to water and land use and the need to support traditional ways of life.

AFSC New Mexico creates economic viability through the training of small farmers in sustainable agricultural practices, thereby protecting land and water rights and traditional cultural practices.

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