Economic Justice

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Occupy Together: Witness Carefully

Note: This guest post by Paul Lacey reflects on the Occupy movement, its relationship to past movements, and the damage done by Wall Street.  - Lucy


Choose Love over Fear at Occupy Philly

Choose Love over Fear at Occupy Philly

Food, Trade and Justice: The Human Face of US Policy

Friday, October 28, 2011 - 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Witness for Peace presents Julio Sanchesz from the Humboldt Center, Nicaragua adnthe Centeral American Alliance for the Protection of Biodiversity.  Julio has been touring New England and will spend his last evening here in Providence.  Join us for a 6pm potluck and 7pm program.  He will speak of the impact of U.S. policy on Nicaragua and all of Latin America, food security, free trade, the environment and human rights.  The event is free and open to the public.  We will be requesting donations to continue the work of Witness for Peace New England. 

Occupy Together: Living Humanly

Note: Here is a guest blog post by Cara Curtis, on the living experiment that is the Occupy Together movement.  - Lucy

My hope for the Occupy movement is that we continue to live humanly.  It has taken me a little while, though, to arrive at this articulation.


Interfaith Tent sponsored by Quakers at Occupy Philly

Interfaith Tent sponsored by Quakers at Occupy Philly

Occupy Signs

AFSC Occupy sign in Chicago march

sign that says "Speak Truth to Power"

AFSC "Speak Truth to Power" sign for the Occupy movement.

Download these signs to show support for the Occupy movement in your area.  The text on the signs uplifts AFSC principles and federal budget priority policy goals that are resonant with the Occupy movement.  You can take these to your local copy or sign shop and have them reproduced, or print them out at home.

There are 2 sizes:  11x17 or 18x24

  • Speak Truth to Power
  • Tax the Rich and Corporations
  • End the Wars and Military Spending
  • Invest in Jobs and People

Occupy Together: The Prophet and the Castle

Note: George Lakey wrote this guest post days before Occupy Wall Street began. When I asked him for a submission, he offered this as it has something to say about the potential of the movement.  - Lucy

by George Lakey


George Lakey with grand daughter at Occupy Philly

George Lakey with his grand daughter at Occupy Philly

Occupy Together: We are All Moses

by Noah Baker Merrill

To prophesy is not to predict, but to seize upon reality in its moment of highest expectation and tension toward the new.
- Thomas Merton, Raids on the Unspeakable

Dear Friends,

"... We are All Moses."


There is no Way to Peace at Occupy Philly

There is no Way to Peace at Occupy Philly

There is no Way to Peace at Occupy Philly.

Occupy Together: the People’s Mic

"Let the tension between reality and possibility break [our] collective heart open to justice, truth, and love."    - Parker Palmer


Occupy Philly at City Hall

Occupy Philly at City Hall

People's March on Terrace Hill

Saturday, July 16, 2011 - 2:00pm

Hundreds of farmers, seniors, workers, and everyday people from across Iowa will mobilize outside Governor Branstad’s mansion for a massive "People's March on Terrace Hill."

Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, the South Central Federation of Labor, AFSCME Council 61, SEIU Local 199, Teamsters Local 238, the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City Building and Construction Trades Council, and Iowans for Strong Communities have all endorsed the call for this unprecedented rally and march for economic and environmental justice.

The Connections Between Food Creation and Democracy

Thursday, June 30, 2011 - 7:00pm

...and the echo follows

cover of book...and the echo follows by Nic Paget-Clarke

...and the echo follows a book of photos and essays about farming and food production around the world by Nic Paget-Clarke

American Friends Service Committee, Federation of Southern Cooperatives/Land Assistance Fund, Sustainable Wellness, and In Motion Magazine
Invite you to an evening of Photos and Conversation about the global food movement
Featuring Nic Paget-Clarke author of “…and the echo follows” and publisher of In Motion Magazine
The Connections Between Food Creation and Democracy
Thursday June 30, 2011   7pm until 9pm

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