Economic Justice

Youth Programs

67 suenos mural

67 suenos mural

67 Sueños Mural (67 Dreams) mural on wall of San Fransisco Quaker Meeting.

The American Friends Service Committee Youth Programs involve young people in all aspects of the organization's work.  The Youth Programs seek to influence young people and be influenced by them, especially regarding their thinking about key issues of peace and justice.  The programs develop youth leadership in order to enhance movements for justice, peace and the empowerment of oppressed peoples as well as build bridges of understanding and active alliances among young people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

Women's Program

The work of the American Friends Service Committee Women's Program is to strengthen the capacity of the AFSC to recognize and to act, through its programs, to elimenate sexism and gender inequality, which harm women and are root causes of violence.  The Women's Program staff keeps abreast of major political, economic, and cultural issues that may affect women and AFSC work with women to ensure that it is responsive to opportunities to bring about positive change in the world.

Third World Coalition

The Third World Coalition of the American Friends Service Committee:

  • brings the perspectives of people of color into the AFSC work and policy.
  • exposes people of color community groups to the experiences and understandings of other third world groups and efforts.
  • conveys the total AFSC program experience to people of color groups associated with the TWC and AFSC

Seattle Indian Program

AFSC's Seattle Indian Program supports Native sovereignty, economic justice and cultural preservation efforts.

Our Projects:

Economic Justice for Native Artists, in partnership with the Northwest Justice Project, seeks to rally support for passage of a Washington State Indian Arts and Crafts Act which protects the authenticity of Native arts and crafts, develop a companion tribal Arts and Crafts Code, and explore establishment of a Washington registry program for Native artisans.

Canoe Nations Support Consortium
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Homeless Organizing Project -- "Street Spirit"

More than 100 homeless vendors earn income selling Street Spirit, the Bay Area's homeless newspaper. The paper also serves as an important tool in coordinating advocacy of issues concerning the homeless. For many activists, Street Spirit's 30,000 reader distribution provides them the most far-reaching public educational outreach available for homeless rights campaigns.

Read Street Spirit online.

Cambridge Material Assistance Program

AFSC’s Material Assistance Program (MAP), of the New England Region has been serving individuals in need since 1944, helping them survive with dignity and hope during what is many people’s darkest hours.

MAP collects from donors goods such as bedding, linens, house wares, personal hygiene items and clothing. Volunteers ensure that all items are in excellent condition and display them in the MAP storefront.   Clients, referred by local agencies, come in by appointment and “shop,” free of charge, for the items they need.

New Orleans, LA

NOLA page photo

AFSC New Orleans peace games

Staff and interns from AFSC New Orleans spend Saturdays in the 9th Ward’s Sampson Park facilitating peace games with youth from the neighborhood.

The New Orleans Peace Building and Conflict Transformation Project works closely with youth and young adults in New Orleans to promote peace using peer-to-peer learning strategies, arts and activism.  The program works in school-based and community programs including A Desire for Change in the 9th Ward and Freedom Street Libraries in the 7th Ward. 

Cambridge, MA

S Comm comunity protest

secure communities protest

Community protest outside Gov. Patrick's Secure Communities forum in Chelsea, MA.

Cambridge, MA is home to four of AFSC’s Northeast Programs:

The Healing and Transformative Justice Program works with survivors of crime, those convicted of crime, and their families and communities.

The Material Assistance Program (MAP) gives clothing and basic house goods to people in need in the Greater Boston area.

Who we are

AFSC is a Quaker organization devoted to service, development, and peace programs throughout the world. Our work is based on the belief in the worth of every person, and faith in the power of love to overcome violence and injustice. Learn more

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AFSC has offices around the world. To see a complete list see the Where We Work page.

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