Economic Justice

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Homeless Organizing Project -- "Street Spirit"

More than 100 homeless vendors earn income selling Street Spirit, the Bay Area's homeless newspaper. The paper also serves as an important tool in coordinating advocacy of issues concerning the homeless. For many activists, Street Spirit's 30,000 reader distribution provides them the most far-reaching public educational outreach available for homeless rights campaigns.

Read Street Spirit online.

Cambridge Material Assistance Program

The American Friends Service Committee Material Assistance Program (MAP) was started in 1944; over the last 70 years our goal has been “to see what love can do” through material assistance, resource information and caring support to individuals in need. MAP aims to provide our services in a manner that allows individuals to retain their sense of dignity and self-respect.  

New Orleans, LA

NOLA program photo

Young people pose in front of AFSC banner

Staff and interns posing during Saturdays at Sampson Park in the Ninth Ward, New Orleans.

The New Orleans Peace Building and Conflict Transformation Program works closely with young people in New Orleans to promote peace using peer-to-peer learning strategies, arts and activism.  Using experiential and interactive trainings, young people share strategies to address violence and create positive change throughout neighborhoods in New Orleans.  The program focuses on the arts as an alternative means of self-expression and healing. 

Cambridge, MA

S Comm community protest

secure communities protest

Community protest outside Gov. Patrick's Secure Communities forum in Chelsea, MA.

The Cambridge office serves as the main administrative hub for the Northeast region. It also houses four of AFSC’s programs:

The Healing and Transformative Justice Program works with survivors of crime, those convicted of crime, and their families and communities.

Who we are

AFSC is a Quaker organization devoted to service, development, and peace programs throughout the world. Our work is based on the belief in the worth of every person, and faith in the power of love to overcome violence and injustice. Learn more

Where we work

AFSC has offices around the world. To see a complete list see the Where We Work page.

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