displaced Syrians

Infographic: Syrian refugee crisis and its impact on the Middle East

Two and a half million people and counting have fled Syria to escape the fighting, each one leaving behind everything familiar in their daily lives. Their arrival in Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey is straining their neighbors' economies and public services. Learn more about this growing international problem.

Young Syrian woman talks about life as a refugee

Darayya highlighted in Damascus

Lama's home is in the Darayya district of Damascus, Syria.

Lama Darayya is a Syrian refugee currently living in Turkey. Five months ago, she was forced to flee her hometown of Darayya in the Damascus district because it was no longer safe for her to stay.

Like over 2 million people still in Syria but displaced from their homes because of the violence, Lama had already fled her home with her family three times before she crossed the border toward neighboring Lebanon. It was exasperating for her to flee for a fourth time.

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