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Njeri Migwe begins service as Immigrant Entrepreneurship Intern in Dayton

Njeri Migwe

Njeri Migwe

Njeri Migwe is the Immigrant Entrepreneurship Intern with AFSC in Dayton.

Njeri Migwe is the Immigrant Entrepreneurship Intern with AFSC in Dayton.

Dayton coffee board sees opportunities

The Harambee Coffee Roasters Co-op (HCRC) Board of Directors recently went on a study/tour of Stoney Creek Roasters to learn about coffee roasting  and marketing in Southwest Ohio. Stoney Creek is located in downtown Cedarville, Ohio and also sells ice cream.

Dayton forum explores the dark side of chocolate

A Fair Trade Forum at Wright State University in Dayton attracted over 45 students and faculty members on April 4.

Ms. Charmaine Griffith, President of the Fair Trade Student Association, appreciated AFSC panelists Mama Nozipo Glenn, a Midwest Region Executive Committee member, and Migwe Kimemia, AFSC Dayton Program Director, for sharing information about the African experience with child labor and slavery.

Dayton celebrates, continues Dr. King's legacy

A January forum at a community college in Dayton celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s legacy of peace  while featuring a current initiative to promote community and economic justice for all.

Migwe Kimemia, who directs AFSC's Economic Justice Program in Dayton, was one of four panelists who spoke about the Welcome Dayton Plan.

Dayton Community Service Forum to celebrate Dr. King

Tuesday, January 14, 2014 - 11:30am

Migwe Kimemia, Program Director of AFSC's Economic Justice Program in Dayton, will participate on the Welcome Dayton Panel to be held on Tuesday, January 14 at 11:30AM to 1:30PM at the Student Leadership Center in Building 8 Lower Level, Sinclair Community College, Datyon.

Dayton forum promotes conflict-free trade principles

How we spend our money matters. Our dollars can promote peace and prosperity, or unintentionally contribute to great suffering.

Mama Nozipo Glenn on activism with AFSC

In this eight-minute video, Mama Nozipo Glenn of Dayton, Ohio talks about growing up in Apartheid South Africa and her 38-year relationship with AFSC.

Mama Nozipo currently serves on AFSC's Midwest Region Executive Committee and the board of the Harambee Coffee Roasters Cooperative. She is also president of the Miami Valley African Organization.

Welcome Dayton garners national attention

As Congress continues to stall on immigration reform, one city in Ohio is plotting a new course for growth.

The Welcome Dayton Plan  to promote the full integration of immigrants continues to garner national attention. Migwe Kimemia, who directs AFSC's Economic and Immigrant Justice Program in Dayton, is a key contributer to the plan's development.

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