Counter Recruitment

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War and the Draft - What You Can Do

A two page guide to what students, parents, and community members can do about military recruitment in their area.

The Military's Not Just a Job...

A pamplet on the numerous downsides of joining the military including the living conditions, the lack of post-service job training, the hurdles for college, racism, sexism, homophobia, and the loss of basic rights.

Survey for School Students on Military Recruitment

A survey for students on the JROTC's presense in their school.

Survey for School Staff on Military Recruitment

A survey of school staffpersons on the JROTC's presence in their school.

JROTC - Sending the Wrong Message About Weapons and Violence

A two-page (double-sided) handout on how the military is delivering information on weapons and violence through the JROTC contrary to the message the schools are sending with their zero-tolerance weapons policy.

It's Time To Teach Peace

A double-sided flyer on demilitarizing schools. It also includes a way to get more information from the Pasadena, CA office.

High School Students' Rights

A guide to what every student should know about their rights while in school, particularly as they pertain to free speech and assembly and what to do if these rights are violated.

Financing College Without Joining the Military

A two page brocure (legal-size paper?) on financing college without joining the military.

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